248 Baby Boy Names That Start With Kh

KhaadimThe name means AttendantBoy
KhaalidKhaalid means Eternal, ImmortalBoy
KhaaliqThe name means The CreatorBoy
KhaanKhaan means Ruler, He who is The KingBoy
KhaatimKhaatim means Seal, StampBoy
KhaatirKgaatir means Good Idea, HeartBoy
KhaawarKhaawar means East and WestBoy
KhaazinThe name means He who Guards the TreasureBoy
KhabbabThe name means He who WalksBoy
KhabirKhabir name means KnowledgeableBoy
KhadavaprasthaSpreading with the fleet of foot, an anciant capital ruled by PandavasBoy
KhadeemKhadeem name means ServantBoy
KhaderKing; Capable; All PowerfulBoy
KhadgaSword; Large sacrificial knife; A warrior of Skanda; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
KhadimKhadim means ServantBoy
KhadirKhadir means Tree, HeavenlyBoy
KhadriThe name means Able, PowerfulBoy
KhadyotanaThe name means Sky-IlluminatorBoy
KhadyothanSun; Bright, Brilliant and Radiant SunBoy
KhafidMeans The HumblerBoy
KhafizThe name means CustodianBoy
KhagaKhaga means Moving in SpaceBoy
KhagendraKhagendra means King of BirdsBoy
KhageshThe name God of BirdsBoy
KhageshaThe name is another name for GarudaBoy
KhaghalayAlso pronounced as Shaghalay, Khaghalay means honorable or noteworthyBoy
Khahishmeans Heart's DesireBoy
KhaiThe name means CrownedBoy
KhairKhair means BenevolentBoy
Khair al dinThe name means The Goodness of the FaithBoy
Khair udeenThe name means Good of the FaithBoy
KhairaatThe name means CharityBoy
KhairaldinThe name has a meaning The Good of the FaithBoy
KhairatKhairat means BenevolenceBoy
KhairiThe name means Full of GoodnessBoy
KhairiyaCharitable; Good; Generous; BenevolentBoy
KhairudeenThe name means In Good FaithBoy
KhairudinKhairudin means Good FaithBoy
KhairulbasharThe name means Best of MankindBoy
KhairyThe name means Conqueror of the HeavenBoy
KhajeerBeauty and elegance.Boy
KhajitThe meaning of the name is The One Who Conquered the HeavensBoy
KhajithA variant of Khajit which means Conquering heaven; One of names of Lord BuddhaBoy
KhakKhak is a Pashto term used to denote humilityBoy
KhalafKalaf means SuccesorBoy
KhalafhasanThe name means The Succesor of HasanBoy
KhalakveerThe meaning is As in mata khiviBoy
KhalamKhalam means Servent to AllahBoy
KhaldoonKhaldon means EternalBoy
KhaldunEternal; Implies Eternity; ImmortalBoy
KhaledThe name means Eternal, ForeverBoy
KhaleeThe name means Good FriendBoy
KhaleefaKhaleefa means Succesor, CaliphBoy
KhaleelThe meaning is Inner SelfBoy
KhaleemKhaleem means SpeakerBoy
KhaleeqThe name means CompetentBoy
KhalialThe name means FriendBoy
KhalidThe name means To Last ForeverBoy
KhalidbinwalidThe name means General to Whom the PropthetBoy
KhalifThe name means SuccesorBoy
KhalifaSuccessor; Viceroy; Caliph; RegentBoy
KhalifahKhalifah means Steward, LeaderBoy
KhaligKhalig means Forever, EverlastingBoy
KhalilKhalil means FriendBoy
KhalilalallahThe name means Friend of GodBoy
Khalillahmeans Friend of AllahBoy
KhalilullahThe name means Bosom FriendBoy
KhalilurFriend; Companion; Well Wisher; SupporterBoy
KhaliqKhaliq means CompetentBoy
KhaliqueThe name means The CreatorBoy
KhaliqussubhanThe name means Worthy of GloryBoy
KhaliquzzamanMeans The Qualified Man of the EraBoy
KhalisKhalis means PureBoy
KhallaqMeans another name for God, servant of GodBoy
KhaloBlack beauty marks or adorned with Khal'sBoy
KhalonKhalon means Strong WarriorBoy
KhalpeshKhalpesh means Lord of PerfectionBoy
KhalsaThe Pure One; Name given by Guru Gobind SinghBoy
KhamaniThe name means A jewel of the SkyBoy
KhamariAfrican,Caribbean Prince or Moonlight; DreamerBoy
KhambatKhambat means ShelterBoy
KhamishOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
KhamurtiThe name means A Celestial PersonBoy
KhanKhan means King, RulerBoy
Khan ZadaA very big man.Boy
KhanakaKhanaka means MinerBoy
KhandanaKhandana means Breaking, DividingBoy
KhanhKhanh means PrinceBoy
KhanjanKhanjan means Dimple of CheeksBoy
KhanjanaKhanjana means Wag-Tail, Bird SpeciesBoy
KhantilBrightness, Brilliance and RadianceBoy
KharagThe name means Weilder of the SwordBoy
KharakKharak means LionBoy
KharanshuThe name means SunBoy
KhariKhari means KinglyBoy
KharimKharim means Generous, FriendBoy
KharlieOne who is very manlyBoy
KharoufKharouf means LambBoy
Kharqathe outer-land or the outer regionBoy
KhasharThe name means brave BoyBoy

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