53 Baby Boy Names That Start With Khu

KhudaKhuda name means GodBoy
KhudabakhshThe name means The Gift of AllahBoy
KhudiramName of Ramakrishna Paramhansa's FatherBoy
KhudsiKhudsi means Holy and SacredBoy
KhufuName of a pharaohBoy
KhulaifahThe name means SuccessorUnisex
KhullanaThe name means Little, Small, PetitteBoy
KhullatKhullat means Sun of the WorldBoy
KhulusKhulus means PurityBoy
KhunbishNot a human beingUnisex
KhundmirOne who is powerful and brave individualBoy
KhuongKhuong means To Offer HelpBoy
KhuraymThe name means He is a CompanionBoy
KhurdadhbihA truthful inividual who is very humbleBoy
KhurramDelightful; Happy; Glad; Cheerful; Joyful; MerryBoy
KhurshThe name means The Sun is ShiningUnisex
KhursheedThe name means The Star SunBoy
KhurshidThe Sun; Shining SunBoy
KhurshidjahanThe name means The Sun of the WorldBoy
KhusalDelightful; Happy; Glad; Cheerful; Joyful; MerryBoy
KhushKhush means Joy and HappyBoy
KhushaanshHappy; Delighted; Glad; Cheerful; Joyful; MerryBoy
KhushalKhushal means The Perfect HappinessBoy
KhushantHappy; Delighted; Glad; Cheerful; Joyful; MerryBoy
KhushbaagThe name means The Blossoming DelightBoy
KhushbakhtThe name means Has Good fortuneBoy
KhushbirThe name means he is full of DelightBoy
KhushdilBlessed with happiness and prosperity; Good fortune and good destinyBoy
KhushhalProsperous; Wealthy; Happy; Cheerful; Joyful; DelightedBoy
KhushilHappy; Delighted; Glad; Cheerful; Joyful; MerryBoy
KhushjeetKhushjeer name means Happy VictoryBoy
KhushjotThe name means Happiness is PleasureBoy
KhushmeetThe name means A Friend that brings HappinessBoy
KhushmohanThe name means He who is Happy and AttractiveBoy
KhushnaseebOf Good Fotune; Good Destiny; Good Luck; Blessed with happiness and prosperityBoy
KhushnazHappy Face; Joyful; Cheerful; Delighted; MerrilyBoy
KhushnoodThe name means He is Pleased and HappyBoy
KhushnudKhushnud means A Man who is PleasedBoy
KhushpaalThe name means Blessed by the Good fortune on the BirthBoy
KhushpreetLoving and Delightful; One who loves happiness, delight, cheerfulness and gladnessBoy
KhushpremKushpreem means He is blessed with Love and DelightBoy
KhushtarKhushtar name means The One Who is Surrounded by HappinessBoy
KhushvirThe name means a Boy who is brave and brings joyBoy
KhushwantThe name means Boy Full of HappinessBoy
KhushwinderThe meaning of the name is The Lord of the HappinessBoy
KhusroKing; Ruler; A variant of KhusruBoy
KhusrowKhusrow is a Character in ShahnamehBoy
KhusruKing; Ruler; A variant of KhusroBoy
KhuswantHappy; Delighted; Glad; Cheerful; Joyful; MerryBoy
KhuyenThe name means To Give AdviceUnisex

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