83 Baby Boy Names That Start With Kir

KiraatHunter; One who always searches or seeks somethingBoy
KiraboKirabo means The One who is a Gift of the GodUnisex
KiralKiral means Supreme LeaderUnisex
KiralescenseThe name means Baby born with dark complexionBoy
KiranKiran means Dust, SunbeamBoy
KiranaLight of Sun; Radiance and brightness of Sun; Brilliance of SunraysBoy
KirandeepThe name means The light of the LampBoy
KiraniKirani means Light WeightedBoy
KiranilaThe Love Stands Forever in the World; Eternal LoveBoy
KiranjitVictorious like the rays of Sun; Brilliant, Bright and Radiant like SunBoy
KiranjotThe name means Light of the SunbeamBoy
KiranmayFull of Light; Full of brightness; Brilliance, radiance and luminanceBoy
KiranmeetKiranmeet means a Friendly SunbeamsBoy
KiranpreetKiranpeet means The Love of SunraysBoy
KiranrajKing of Sunlight; One who rules over the brightness of SunBoy
KiranroopThe name means The Embodiment of the SunbeamsBoy
KirataKirata means People who Live in the MountainsBoy
KiratidevMeans Lord of LightBoy
KiravThe Sun; Shining SunBoy
KiravraBrilliant, Bright and Radiant Light; Shining SunBoy
KirbeyKirbey means SurnameBoy
KirbieKirbie means From the VillageBoy
KirbyKirby means Church FarmBoy
KireetOne who is crowned; Royalty; From the royal familyBoy
KireetaKireeta is name of the Lord ShivaBoy
KireetiKireeti is another name for ArjunBoy
KireettKireett means Lord of the LightBoy
KiretMeans One who Sings Glory of GodBoy
KiribabaA poised and affectionate individualBoy
KirikSparkling; Shining; Radiant; GlowingBoy
KirilKiril means NobleBoy
KirillKirill means RulerBoy
KirinKirin means PraiserBoy
KiripKirip means WishfulBoy
KirisanthAffection or Love; Kind; Compassionate; GenerousBoy
KiritThe name means CrownedBoy
KiritaKirita is the name of the Lord ShivaBoy
KiritanKiritan means RoyalBoy
KirithanThe name Kirithan means Songs of WorshipBoy
KiritmaniThe name means Jewel in the CrownBoy
KiritopaKiritopa is a variant of Christopher and means bearer of Christ.Boy
KirittKiritt means CrownBoy
KirjahKirjah means Church, MonestaryBoy
KirjathCity vocation meetingBoy
KirkKirk means ChurchBoy
KirkanKirkan means WatchfulBoy
KirkbyKirkby means Village with a ChurchBoy
KirklandKirkland means Land of the ChurchBoy
KirkleaMeans from the Church's MeadowBoy
KirkleeThe name means Church ClearingBoy
KirkleyKirkley means From the Church's MeadowBoy
KirklyThe name means From the Church meadowBoy
KirkwoodKirkwood means Woods by the ChurchBoy
KirmiraKirmira means of Variegated ColourBoy
KirosMeans The KingBoy
KirpalKind; Benevolent; Compassionate; GenerousBoy
KirpanCrown; Throne; Tiara; A benevolent rulerBoy
KirrynA dark man, dark complexionBoy
KirtKirt means CourteousBoy
KirtanMeans Songs of WorshipBoy
KirtenyaOne who is worthy of praiseBoy
KirteshPopular God; Famous and Celebrated GodBoy
KirthanPrayer; Famous; Holy Song; Divine hymns praising the GodBoy
KirthikOne of many names of God Murugan; A star name and a month name; NakshatraBoy
Kirti kumarMeans FamousBoy
KirtibanThe name means FamousBoy
KirtibhushanKirtibhushan means One Adorned with FameBoy
KirtidevLord of Light; Lord of Brilliance; Lord of RadianceBoy
KirtidharFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtikumarFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtimanFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtimayFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtinKirtin means CelebratedBoy
KirtinathFamous Person; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; Popular; CelebratedBoy
KirtitFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtitaFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtivallabhThe name means Aspirant of FameBoy
KirtmaliniThe name means Garlanded with FameBoy
KirusBretons form of Cyrus, meaning sunBoy
KirushanOne who is dark or black colored; God VishnuBoy
KiruthikOne of many names of God Murugan; A star name and a month name; NakshatraBoy
KiryKiry means MountainBoy

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