166 Baby Boy Names That Start With Kr

KraantiRevolution; Uprising; Rebellion; UpheavalBoy
KraigThe name means RockBoy
KraiseeLion, as brave as a lion.Boy
KrakacaKrakaca means PriestBoy
KramaThe order or the numbers of anythingBoy
KramerKramer is a Traveling MerchantBoy
KranthiLight; Revolution; Uprising; Rebellion; UpheavalBoy
KrasimirKrasimir means The Beautiful PeaceBoy
KrastioVariant transcription of Krastyo. It means cross.Boy
KratavOne of many names representing the God Trimurti; Representation of God Shiva, Vishnu and BrahmaBoy
KraterosOne who is powerful.Boy
KratirajDesigner; One who is skilled in scheming; A plotting RulerBoy
KratuVedic Ritual which will inspire and enlightBoy
KratubhujOne who Eats the Sacrificial Oblation; Offering in vedic ritualBoy
KraunchaKrauncha is a Templom in a MountinUnisex
KravannA tiny golden brown flower.Unisex
KravinoKravino means The Goofy oneBoy
KreoI create or the creator.Boy
KreshaunThe name means The God is MercifulBoy
KresimirThe name comes from Slavic elements kresu, which means spark, light, rouse and miru, which means peace, world.Boy
KrewWord nameBoy
Kriang KraiA man who is well versed in victory.Boy
KridayOne of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
KrikorKrikor means VigilantBoy
KrineshOne of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
KripacharyaA teacher who is compassionate and merciful; Name of Drona's Brother in LawBoy
KripalKripal means KindBoy
KripaluCompassionate; Merciful; Kind; Generous and BenevolentBoy
KripanidhiThe name means One with Heart Full of MercyBoy
KripanyuThe name means Praiser of GodBoy
KripasagarKripasagar means Ocean of MercyBoy
KripashankarOne who has blessing of Lord Shiva; Having mercy and grace of Lord ShankarBoy
KriplA spontaneous and nature loving personBoy
KrisKris means Follower of ChristBoy
KrisannKrissan means The one who Follows ChristBoy
KrisanuFlame, Fire, LightBoy
KrischanThe name means Follower of JesusBoy
KrisdaporThe name means Christ to BearBoy
KrishKrish is short form of Lord KrishnaBoy
KrishanA variant name of Lord Krishna; It holds a Sanskrit meaning as black or darkBoy
KrishangThe name means Lord ShivaBoy
KrishangaKrishanga means Thin BodiedBoy
KrishankantaA variant name of Lord Krishna; It holds a Sanskrit meaning as black or darkBoy
KrishanthA variant name of Lord Krishna; It holds a Sanskrit meaning as black or darkBoy
KrishanuThe name means Flame, FireBoy
KrishavKrishav means Lord Krishna and Lord ShivaBoy
KrishayA variant name of Lord Krishna; It holds a Sanskrit meaning as black or dark; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
KrishdeepLight of Lord Krishna; Brightness and Radiance of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
KrishendrenThe name means HonourableBoy

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