166 Baby Boy Names That Start With Kr

KrushikThe name means He works HardBoy
KrushivalThe name means Hard WorkerBoy
KrutagnaThe name means SatisfactionBoy
KrutarthKrutarh means He is ObligedBoy
KruthikName of a Nakshatra; Name of Hindu Month; One of many names of Lord Muruga; Bestower of Happiness;Boy
KruthinThe name means Starry SkyBoy
KruttikaPeacock; Animal used by Lord Muruga; Name of Star or Hindu MonthBoy
KruzKruz means CrossBoy
KryレtofThe name means Bearing ChristBoy
KrystalloKrystallo means Christ's FollowerBoy
KrystineChristian; A derivative of name Christine;Boy
KrystiyanUkrainian version of Christian, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
KrystofA form of Kristoff, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
KrysztofThe name means He carries Christ in his HeartBoy
KrzyChrist or the follower of Christ, short form of ChristopherBoy
KrzysztofMeans he is a ChristianBoy

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