34 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ks

KsamaKsama means He is The KingBoy
KsambhujA metriculous and patient beingBoy
KsantuKsantu means He is Patient and Enduring ManBoy
KsatriyaThe name means A Warrior of Royal BloodBoy
KsayaKsaya means DominionBoy
KsayanaThe name means Tranquill WaterBoy
KsayataThe meaning of this name is To Pocess SomethingBoy
KshamakaramThe name means The Place Where there is ForgivenessBoy
KshamasheelHe who forgives; One who absolves; Exonerate; Pardon; ExcuseBoy
KshantuThe name Kshantu means The Patient OneBoy
KshapeshThe Moon; Lord of the Night; Bright, Radiant and Luminant MoonBoy
KshatradharmaThe duty of a warrior, or a warrior's religionBoy
KshatragnaKshatragna means Person who Has na All-around KnowledgeBoy
KshatriyaRoyal Warrior; Soldier; Fighter; Defender; One who fights to protect the clanBoy
KshaunishThe name means The KingBoy
KsheeraKsheera means Sap of a tree, JuiceBoy
KshemandharName of a Manu in Jain Mythology; Lord of Welfare and prosperityBoy
KshemendraLord of Welfare; Lord of richness; God of prosperityBoy
KshipraKshipra in a name of an Indian RiverUnisex
KshiraMoon; Lotus; Conch Shell; Bright, Radiant and Brilliant Moon or like LotusBoy
KshirajThe name means Moon or NectarBoy
KshirodprasadPrasadam of Lord Krishna; A blessing of Lord Krishna; One who is offered by Lord KrishnaBoy
KshiteendraA King; Ruler; Emperor; Chief; LeaderBoy
KshithijPoint where the Sky and Sea Appears to Meet; Horizon; A variant spelling is KshitizBoy
KshitidharThe meaning of the name is MountinBoy
KshitijKshitij name means The Spot Where the Sky nad Earth seam to touch on the horizonBoy
KshitipalA King; Ruler; Emperor; Chief; LeaderBoy
KshitishKing of God; God of God's; Ruler of God; Emperor of GodBoy
KshitizPoint where the Sky and Sea Appears to Meet; Horizon; A variant spelling is KshithijBoy
KshmyaThe name means He is CapableBoy
KshrugalKshrugal is a name of Lord ShivaBoy
KsipanuKsipanu means Moving Air, WindBoy
KsitisaThe name means The Earth LorgBoy

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