24 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ksh

KshamakaramThe name means The Place Where there is ForgivenessBoy
KshamasheelHe who forgives; One who absolves; Exonerate; Pardon; ExcuseBoy
KshantuThe name Kshantu means The Patient OneBoy
KshapeshThe Moon; Lord of the Night; Bright, Radiant and Luminant MoonBoy
KshatradharmaThe duty of a warrior, or a warrior's religionBoy
KshatragnaKshatragna means Person who Has na All-around KnowledgeBoy
KshatriyaRoyal Warrior; Soldier; Fighter; Defender; One who fights to protect the clanBoy
KshaunishThe name means The KingBoy
KsheeraKsheera means Sap of a tree, JuiceBoy
KshemandharName of a Manu in Jain Mythology; Lord of Welfare and prosperityBoy
KshemendraLord of Welfare; Lord of richness; God of prosperityBoy
KshipraKshipra in a name of an Indian RiverUnisex
KshiraMoon; Lotus; Conch Shell; Bright, Radiant and Brilliant Moon or like LotusBoy
KshirajThe name means Moon or NectarBoy
KshirodprasadPrasadam of Lord Krishna; A blessing of Lord Krishna; One who is offered by Lord KrishnaBoy
KshiteendraA King; Ruler; Emperor; Chief; LeaderBoy
KshithijPoint where the Sky and Sea Appears to Meet; Horizon; A variant spelling is KshitizBoy
KshitidharThe meaning of the name is MountinBoy
KshitijKshitij name means The Spot Where the Sky nad Earth seam to touch on the horizonBoy
KshitipalA King; Ruler; Emperor; Chief; LeaderBoy
KshitishKing of God; God of God's; Ruler of God; Emperor of GodBoy
KshitizPoint where the Sky and Sea Appears to Meet; Horizon; A variant spelling is KshithijBoy
KshmyaThe name means He is CapableBoy
KshrugalKshrugal is a name of Lord ShivaBoy

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