1356 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter L

Baby Boy Names Starts With L

What would be your reaction if we told you that your name can influence not just your daily choices, but even life shaping decisions? Yes, your name, particularly its initial can affect your personality, individuality, and even future. So if you’re planning to give your child a name starting with the letter L, we think it would be wise for you to know what it holds for your son in the future.

L is quite a positive letter, as it radiates imagination, dedication, and wisdom. A boy with this letter in his name is destined to achieve everything that he has set out for. He even understands the importance of family, friendship, and every relationship he is in.

However, the greater knowledge and understanding of the world can make an L baby insensitive to the opposing views around him. So your primary responsibility should be teaching your son to be modest and humble at every stage in life.

With all these qualities, we think a name starting with L would make a wonderful option for your baby boy. And you don’t have to move even a bit to find good names. Whether you are looking for popular and classic names such as Lachlan, Lucas, Logan or uncommon names such as Laajbir, Labrencis, or Lac, you’ll find them all in MomJunction's list below.

LambertusThe Bright Shine of the LandBoy
LambiOld Nordic name that means little doe, a lambBoy
LambinNordic name that means a Son of Thorbjorn and FeebleBoy
LambirtGlowing, golden estateBoy
LambodarIndian name that means Lord Ganesh, or the Lord with a big bellyBoy
LambodharLord Ganesh, a remover of Obsticales and a Ptron of ArtsBoy
LambrechtA symbol of the new life and hope, the lights of the new landsBoy
LambretGermanic name that means Light of the LandsBoy
LambrettThe lights that shines upon the landBoy
LambrosA person who is Bright and Lucent. A Greek name asociated with Easter SundayBoy
LameeOne who is hidden, who hides his true natureBoy
LamelGod's peace or peace from GodBoy
LamondClan name, surname; LawyerBoy
LamontMan of law, lawyerBoy
LamonteOne who practices law and justice, man of lawBoy
LamorakBrother of Percival from Arthurian LegendBoy
LamorochAn Arthurian legend, borother of PercivalBoy
LampertLand of the famous; Lamb herdBoy
LanarkSmall town in Scottish; Clear space, gladeBoy
LancdonFrom the long hillBoy
LanceGod-like; ServantBoy
LanceletA servant of royal family, an arthurian KnightBoy
LancelinThe one who serves, servantBoy
LancelotFrom Arthurian Legent, Knight of Arthur, Knight of the Round Table, Lover of GuinevereBoy
LanceorOne who holds a spear in battleBoy
LandSurname to one who lives in a country, one who lives in a forest gladeBoy
LandaineA long hill or a ridge, refers to londonBoy
LandanHe who is from the Long HillBoy
LandbertLand BrilliantBoy
LandenA name describing someone who came from the long hillBoy
LanderPerson who is from grassy plain; LionBoy
LandersPeople from the fieldsBoy
LandinOf old English origin, means Long MountainBoy
LandisPeople from the green plainsBoy
LandlyA ruler or a noble person who owns landBoy
LandmariFamous land, The one who comes from known landBoy
LandoSomeone who is famous throughout the land; Bright SunBoy
LandoigneThe one who is of known landBoy
LandoineA ridge or a long hillBoy
LandonMan from the long mountainBoy
LandorLandowner, occupational name, place nameBoy
LandrethName of people who live near the stream, in the galdesBoy
LandreyHe who is a powerful rulerBoy
LandrickLand ruler, he who rules the landsBoy
LandrusFrom city LandresseBoy
LandryThe one who rules the landunisex
LandsdenA long strip of low hillsBoy
LandyRuler with great powerBoy
LandynMan coming down from the hillBoy
LaneThe one who comes from the long meadowBoy
LaneeteesBig ElkBoy
LanfordThe one who comes from the long fordBoy
LanfrancA speaker, who speaks wiselyBoy
LangSurname describing tall peopleBoy
LangdenName describes the one who came from the long hillBoy
LangdonName descrbes the one who is from the long hillBoy
LangeLong, tall personBoy
LangerThe one who is tallBoy
LangfordThe long shallow river crossingBoy
LanghamThe one who crossed the shallowsBoy
LangharA variant spelling of Langar which is name of a community lunch in Sikh religionBoy
LangitHeaven or paradiseBoy
LangithA variant of name Langit meaning Sky, Heaven, Paradise, FirmamentBoy
LanglauaAn angel who once inhabited in EnglandUnisex
LangleahFrom the long meadowBoy
LangleeThe one who comes from the long meadowBoy
LangleyEnglishman, man who comes from EnglandBoy
LanglifThe one who lives a long lifeBoy
LanglyPeople who live on a long meadowBoy
LangooraGenus of Monkey; Baboon; The Black face monkeyBoy
LangsdenMan from the long hillBoy
LangsdonLong stoneBoy
LangstonFrom the long enclosureBoy
LangtonThe long roadBoy
LangwardTall GuardianBoy
LangworthFrome the long PaddockBoy
LanhGood, gentle, the favourable oneBoy
LanibanThe name of Lord ShivaBoy
LanierOccupational name, whool workerBoy
Laniganthe descendant of the supplierBoy
LankstonThe one who lives in the Tall Peopl's TownBoy
LannThe one who is good with a SwordBoy
LannieLegendary Lands, the name is an abbrevation of the French Hero RolandBoy
LannyThe Lands that are Legendary and FamousBoy
LanrickA place name that reffesr to Lanrick Castle in ScottlandBoy
LanstonOne who come from the Long EstateBoy
LantzYiddish form of Lancer. It means spear.Boy
LanzTerritory of one's Home LandBoy
LanzoLands and Field, a name of German originBoy
LaomedonThe one who governs .Boy
LaoransBretons for of Lawrence, meaning from LaurentumBoy
LapAn Independent and self-suffient personBoy
LapayaOne of many names of Lord GaneshBoy
LaquanA quiet, shy personBoy
LaraibA person who does not doubt anyone or anythingBoy
LaramieTear that are shed out of loveUnisex
LaranThe Psychic Powers and Abilities of the Comyn Cast; French - Thief;Boy
LararThe Rising oh the Sun in the DawnBoy
LaredoOcupational name for the one who works in the granaryBoy

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