482 Baby Boy Names That Start With La

LafayetteLafayette means FaithBoy
LaganAppropriate Time; Correct Time; Auspicious moment or time for beginning somethingBoy
LaghuLovely; Pure; Young; Faultless; Quick; Light; Bright; BrilliantBoy
LaghunLaghun means QuickBoy
LagnaAuspicious moment or time; One of many names of Lord Ganesh as 'In The Form Of Auspiciousness'Boy
LagotLagot means to PrepareBoy
LahabLahab means FlameBoy
LahahanaThe name means Warmth of the SunBoy
LahamLaham means Intuition,WisdomBoy
LahanLahan means Little Bright-Headed OneBoy
LaharThe name means Small WaveBoy
LahariLahari means Waveunisex
LahbanSalt; An Indian SurnameBoy
Lahi'ahThe name means Narrator of HadithBoy
LahiriWave; An Indian SurnameBoy
LaibrookLaibrook means Lives by the Path by the BrookBoy
LaidleyLaidley means From the Creek MeadowBoy
LaidlyThe name means From the CreekBoy
LaighLaigh means HealerBoy
LaikenLaiken means Body of WaterBoy
LaikonA water body, one wo lives by the water lake or water streamUnisex
LailLail means Nighttimeunisex
LaileshOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
LailushOne of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
LaineLaine means From the Long MeadowBoy
LaiqLaiq means SkillfulBoy
LairdLaird means LordBoy
LaisLais means LionBoy
LaithLaith means Lion,BraveBoy
LaithanA little dear lion, lions cubBoy
LajbarA Pashto name for a precious stoneBoy
LajbirThe name means As brave as a hunderd thousandBoy
LajosLajos means Famos HolinessBoy
LajpalLajpal means DignityBoy
LajpatOf keeping shame;Boy
LajpreetLajpreet means Love of HonourBoy
LajpremLajprem means Honor LoverBoy
LakarLakar means ChallengeBoy
LakeLake means Inland body of WaterBoy
LakelyThe name means Meadow LakeBoy
LakenFrom the Lakeunisex
LakepiA rugby playerBoy
LakeshCinnamon tree; It also has meaning as King of Sri LankaBoy
LaketonLiving by the LakeBoy
LakhHundred ThousandBoy
LakhabirBrave as a Hundred ThousandBoy
LakhanSuccessful, Achiever, DistinguishedBoy
LakhaniGujarati name meaning descendant of lakh; A variant of Lakhman which is derived from LakshmanBoy

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