31 Baby Boy Names That Start With Lam

LamA Vietnamese name that means ForestBoy
LamaniTongan word for lemon.Boy
LamarBelonging to the seaBoy
LamarcusPerson of a warrior's nature a worshiper of the Mars, God of WarBoy
LamarrFrom the french word "la mer" that means the SeaBoy
LambA person with a young mindUnisex
LambakarnaLarge-eared Lord; One of many names of Lord Ganesh signifying his form with long earsBoy
LambanaFrom Sanskrit origin, meanin "He on whom all depend"Boy
LambartName composed from Germanic words Bright and Land, a Promised LandBoy
LambegusA Land that promises a Bright FutureBoy
LambertLand filled with brightness, from Germanic words "lan" meaning lend and "beraght" meaning brightBoy
LambertoA person who comes from the Bright LandsBoy
LambertusThe Bright Shine of the LandBoy
LambiOld Nordic name that means little doe, a lambBoy
LambinNordic name that means a Son of Thorbjorn and FeebleBoy
LambirtGlowing, golden estateBoy
LambodarIndian name that means Lord Ganesh, or the Lord with a big bellyBoy
LambodharLord Ganesh, a remover of Obsticales and a Ptron of ArtsBoy
LambrechtA symbol of the new life and hope, the lights of the new landsBoy
LambretGermanic name that means Light of the LandsBoy
LambrettThe lights that shines upon the landBoy
LambrosA person who is Bright and Lucent. A Greek name asociated with Easter SundayBoy
LameeOne who is hidden, who hides his true natureBoy
LamelGod's peace or peace from GodBoy
LamondClan name, surname; LawyerBoy
LamontMan of law, lawyerBoy
LamonteOne who practices law and justice, man of lawBoy
LamorakBrother of Percival from Arthurian LegendBoy
LamorochAn Arthurian legend, borother of PercivalBoy
LampertLand of the famous; Lamb herdBoy

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