36 Baby Boy Names That Start With Lau

LauNordic name from a place name, LaurentumBoy
LaughlinServant; dweller at the fjord landBoy
LaughtonMan from the Hill TownBoy
LaulPet; Lovely; Beloved; Dear One; Pampered; Close to heart; A variant of LalBoy
LaunceGod-like; servant of the godBoy
LauncelotName from the Arthurian Legend, Knight of the round tableBoy
LaunderPeople from grassy, green plainBoy
LaurNordic name the word bayBoy
LauranHe who wears the crown of laurelsBoy
LauranceFrom the place of the laurel leavesBoy
LaureanFrom the place of laurel treesBoy
LaureanoLatin name meaning from the place where the laurel trees growBoy
LaurenFierce personBoy
LaurencePerson from the place of the laurel treesBoy
LaurenciVictorious one, crowned with laurel treeBoy
LaurenciusHe who wears a crown of laurelsBoy
LaurencoCity of laurelsBoy
LaurensFrom the city of laurelsBoy
LaurentFrom the place with laurel treesBoy
LaurentienHe who comes from LaurentiumBoy
LaurentinPlace where laurels growBoy
LaurentinusMan from LaurentumBoy
LaurentiuRomanian form of Laurentius, meaning laurel.Boy
LaurentiusHe who comes from LaurentiumBoy
LaurenzFrom the place of the laurel treesBoy
LaurianFrom the place of laurel treesBoy
LaurianoFrom the place where the laurel trees growBoy
LaurieThe one who is fierceBoy
LaurisVariant of Lawrence. It means from Laurentum.Boy
LauristNordic name meaning he who is from the bayBoy
LauritsHe who is from LaurentiumBoy
LauritzLaurel tree, the symbols of Honor and FameBoy
LauroA Boy who comes from the place where Laurel trees growBoy
LaurtneHe who came from the place with Laurel treeesBoy
LaurynHe who comes from the place of honor and gloryBoy
LautaroSwift hawk, daringBoy

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