263 Baby Boy Names That Start With Le

LeChinesee word for joyunisex
LeafNorse word for HeirBoy
LeamanMan of the ValleyBoy
LeamonRare given name meaning dear manBoy
LeanName describing one who serves JohnBoy
LeanderLion, Lionlike manBoy
LeandreThe one than is like a LionBoy
LeandrewLionlike personBoy
LeandroLion. Latin name describing Lionlike presonBoy
LeannanGaelic word for little cloakBoy
LeapGood fortune, success.Boy
LearName of the Shakespearian kingBoy
LearyOccupational name, cattle keeperBoy
LeathanThe name means RiverBoy
LeaviVariation of Levi which means Joined or AttachedBoy
LeavittRare name, occupational, means BakerBoy
LeavoldSongs of the Vire ValleyBoy
LebHebrew word meaning HeartBoy
LebanonBiblical name meaning incense, whiteBoy
LebaronPeople from the town Baron in NormandyBoy
LebeauThe hansome one, beautiful BoyBoy
LebronAfrican word for KingBoy
LecDefender of men, soldierBoy
LechFrom the name of Slavic tribe LendiansBoy
LedariStrong; Courageous; Mighty; PowerfulBoy
LedgerSurname derived from the German name Luitger and composed of people and spear.Boy
LeeHealer, the one with the power to healBoy
LeeamA strong willed warrior, a warrior who is willfully a warriorBoy
LeeladharCapable; One who works miracles; One of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
LeelakarCapable; One who works miracles; One of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
LeelandFrom old English words wood and land, indicative of someone who lives naer a clearingBoy
LeelaramCapable; One who works miracles; One of many names of Lord RamBoy
LeemanDescribing man of the valleyBoy
LeenartLion or brave as a lion.Boy
LeerieThe one who keeps cattleBoy
LeeroyFrench name meaning The KingBoy
LeeseRarely a given name, surname meaning an open placeBoy
LeetoThe one who embarks on an adventureBoy
LeetovHe who has good fortuneBoy
LeeviOne who is attachedBoy
LeferichSurname given to man living next to the edge, ridgeBoy
LeffeyneShe who is darling and adreeableBoy
LefledHe hwo is both beautiful and dearBoy
LefricA beloved and powerful individualBoy
LefrichHe who is powerful and pleasantBoy
LefricusAuthorative and beloved personBoy
LefsuedA pleasing person with enjoyable personalityBoy
LefsuetHe who is dear and agreeableBoy
LefterisA nickname of Elefherios, meaning a free manBoy
LeftyA person who is left-handedBoy

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