263 Baby Boy Names That Start With Le

LemarrHe who belongs to The SeaBoy
LemmaA cultivated personBoy
LemmyA person who is commited to GodBoy
LemonA loved and cherised man, sweetheartBoy
LemonyA pen name, used by the author Daniel HandlerBoy
LempiA Finnish word that means To love someoneBoy
LemuelOne who is loyal to GodBoy
LenA person whose bravery can be compared to a lionBoy
LenardHe who has the Blood of the LionBoy
LenartSlovene form of Leonard, meaning lion.Boy
LenchoHe who is like a LionBoy
LendallFrom the lindell treeBoy
LendellLindel tree dellBoy
LengThe one who is longBoy
LeniPerson who is devoted to GodBoy
LeninRussian - One who belongs to the river LenaBoy
LennBrave like a lionBoy
LennanLover, sweetheartBoy
LennardBold like a lionBoy
LennartSwedish name meaning LionBoy
LennellHardy like a lionBoy
LennerdBrave LionBoy
LennieNickname for Leonard meaning brave lionBoy
LennonThe one who is very dearunisex
LennorName representing Spring, SummerBoy
LennoxSomeone who lives near elm treesBoy
LennyShort for Leonard, meaning brave like a lionBoy
LensarThe one who is with his parentsBoy
LenwoodLeen's woodBoy
LenyaRussian word for lionBoy
LeoLatin word meaning lionBoy
LeocadieFrench version of the name Leonard, means lionBoy
LeocadioBright light, clear lightBoy
LeocharisLion's grace.Boy
LeodbrihtThe Bright KingBoy
LeodeganceThe lion among the gooseBoy
LeodegranA lion of the large or huge cityBoy
LeodegranceFrench version of the name meaning lionBoy
LeodhereKing's nation and armyBoy
LeodwaldKing who rules the nationBoy
LeofThe one who is loved, belovedBoy
LeofardA brave lion or the brave pantherBoy
LeofecaDerivative name of Leofa, meaning dear friendBoy
LeofedeFaith of a lion, or alion's faithBoy
LeofelDescendent of the lion-like leaderBoy
Leofgeatdear member of Germanic Geat tribeBoy
LeofgiestLoved guestBoy
LeofgifuGift of the loved onesBoy
LeofheahHigh, Illustrious loveBoy
LeofhereBeloved ArmyBoy

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