182 Baby Boy Names That Start With Li

LingappanA name of the God SivanBoy
LingaratnamA precious gift from Lord Shiva; God's GiftBoy
LingasamyOne of many names of Lord Shiva representing him in form of LingaBoy
LingesanOne of many names of Lord Shiva representing him in form of LingaBoy
LingeshOne of many names of Lord Shiva representing him in form of LingaBoy
LinkA place name, one from the city Lincoln in England.Boy
LinkinA person from the Lincoln city in England.Boy
LinleeOne who comes from the fields of flaxBoy
LinleighThe fields where flax flowers growBoy
LinnaeusA Boy named after a blue flower, a twinflowerBoy
LinneA person named after the twinflowerBoy
LinnelHe who is like a twonflowerBoy
LinnuisA person who comes from the lake colonyBoy
LinnyHe lives in the lake colonyBoy
LinoA flax plant, used to make linnenBoy
LinsiePerson who is born in the Lindsey region in Old EnglandBoy
LinslyHe is born in the Lincoln's wetland in Old EnglandBoy
LintonA meadow of the flax plantBoy
LintonnA field that is covered with falx plantsBoy
LintunA settlement of the flax plantsBoy
LinuSanskrit - Lily; A variant spelling of name is LynuBoy
LinusSon of the God Apollo, this is a name from Greek Mythology and means flaxBoy
LinwoodWoods where flax growBoy
LiofaEnglish name meaning beloved, lovedBoy
LionPlace name, town in France, Lion; animal lionBoy
LionalLittle,young lionBoy
LionelName from Arthurian legend, Lancelot's cousinBoy
LionellLatin name describing little lionBoy
LionelloItalian version of name Lional, meaning lionBoy
LionetYoung or small lionBoy
LiorThe light of meBoy
LioriI have my lightBoy
LippLover of horsesBoy
LippoThe one who loves horsesBoy
LirCeltic name of a mythical kingBoy
LiridonOne who is of free willBoy
LirkinDecsendant of Lorcan; one who is crowned with laurelBoy
LironSong of mine, song that brings me joyBoy
LisanLanguage, speaking tongueBoy
LisandhLucky Boy, the one who has luckBoy
LisandroDefender of man,variation of AlexanderBoy
LisanuddinLanguage of the faithBoy
LishanAfrican - One who is awarded a medal; Defender of mankindBoy
LishanthA variant of name Lishan which means award or medalBoy
LisimbaEgyptian name for LionBoy
LisleOne who is from the islandBoy
ListerOccupational name, textile dyerBoy
LiteshGod of Literature; God of writing; God of learningBoy
LitheshCharismatic, energetic leaderBoy
LithieshAim; Goal; Objective; Aspire; Ambition; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy

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