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182 Baby Boy Names That Start With Li

Lito Peasant settlement Boy
Littleton Rare name, mostly surname neaning comes from an old town place Boy
Litton His settlement Boy
Litugenus The one who has a settlement Boy
Litwin Surname describing people from Lithuania Boy
Liu Wei Liu means Kill, Destroy, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, Extraordinary Boy
Liudolf A Famous Wolf, from the germanic word Hludwolf Boy
Liuedai The one who is replaced Boy
Liulf A responsible and unique individual Boy
Liuni Sicilian form of Leo, meaning lion. Boy
Liuz A person whose inner light shines bright Boy
Livaatam To be Absorbed in the Soul Boy
Livchet A person who is captivated in the remmembrence of the God Boy
Livchit A person consumed in consciousness Boy
Livdeep An individual cativated in the light of the lapm Boy
Lively Energetic, forceful and dynamic person Unisex
Livgiaan A person who is consumed in the Devine Wisdom and Knowledge Boy
Livid A furious person with an angry personality Unisex
Livingston A settlement of a beloved friend Boy
Livingstone A place name refers to a person who is from Livingstone Boy
Liviu A man who envies others Boy
Livius From latin word "liveo" that translates to "envy" Boy
Livjeevan A person whose life is consumed in God Boy
Livjog A fun loving individual; talented being Boy
Livjot He who is captivated by the Light og the God Boy
Livkamal A lotus that is absorbed in God's Light Boy
Livnaam He who is captivated and absorbed in Naam Boy
Livpreet An individual whose life is absorbed in God Boy
Livsharan He is absorbed in God's grave Boy
Livtar Forever remaining absorbed in God Boy
Livtek A person who is completly mentaly occupied with the support of God Boy
Liyaqat To deserve or know someone's worth Boy

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