241 Baby Boy Names That Start With Lo

LoakhanMan of the World; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
LoanA light that is goosBoy
LobaSharing a conversation, talkingUnisex
LobheshOne of many names of Lord Shiva representing him as supreme power in UniverseBoy
LoboA person who is like a WolfBoy
LocOne whose character is as gentle as a flower budBoy
LocanaWorld; Universe; Earth; Indefinitely great expanse of space; All heavenly bodiesBoy
LochA Gaelic word for a LakeBoy
LochanThe eye, one who seesUnisex
LochanpalProtector of desireBoy
LochanpreetOne who has love for desireBoy
LochlanLord of the lakeBoy
LochlynWarrior of the land of lakesBoy
LockFrom the name Locke meaning fortified place or pondBoy
LockeName describing lake, pond; fortified placeBoy
LockhartOld nickname for someone who is brave; strong lockBoy
LockieScottish nickname for people from NorwayBoy
LockleyPlace name, name given to someone who settles outside their birthplace, surnameBoy
LockwoodDescribing someone who is from enclosed woodBoy
LocrynCornish form of Locrinus. It's the name of a region in southeastern Britain.Boy
LocutusLatin name meaning one who speaksBoy
LodName describing nativity, generationBoy
LodenFrom the town by the pondBoy
LodewijkDutch combined name meaning Famous WarriorBoy
Lodhiname of Afghan tribeBoy
LodovicoItalian name meaning famous warriorBoy
LodowickMan from town LaurentumBoy
LodwigFamous in battleBoy
LoeHawaiian word for kingUnisex
LoefelOne who is fearly lovedBoy
LoesSuperior fighterBoy
LoftenOwners of the loft houseUnisex
LoftonPeople from town LofthouseBoy
LogachandranMoon of the world; Beautiful and Brilliant Radiance of the UniverseBoy
LogaiahSupreme being of the world; Man of the UniverseBoy
LoganMan from the hollowBoy
LoganathanPowerful, clever BoyBoy
LogeshName of a God; One of many names of Lord Shiva considering him as the supreme being of UniverseBoy
LogeshwaranOne of many names of Lord Shiva considering him as the supreme being of UniverseBoy
LoginCeltic word describing little hollowBoy
LogithanLeek GardenBoy
LoguGod which blessesBoy
LohaIron, strong as ironBoy
LohajitA Diamond; Conqueror of all worldly matters; One who has won over materialistic worldBoy
LohendraLord of 3 worldsBoy
LohitMade of copper, red oneBoy
LohitakshRed eyed BoyBoy
Lohitakshaname of Lord VishnuBoy
LohitashwaFire, red flamesBoy

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