33 Baby Boy Names That Start With Lov

LovThe one who vowsBoy
LovechildChild born out of loveUnisex
LovecraftOne who is skilled, strengthUnisex
LovedeepA person who puts everyone before themselvesBoy
LoveenA persoon consumed in love and adorationBoy
LovelOne who is like a young wolfBoy
LoveleenTo Inbue, absorb or infuseBoy
LovellA wolf cubBoy
LovelyBeautiful, charming and alluring oneUnisex
LoveneeshA name of the God of Love, a lovable personBoy
LovepalLove to GodBoy
LovepreetLoving and an affectionate personBoy
LoverichLoved and appreciated personBoy
LoverickA person who loves deeplyBoy
LovernaciOne who finds love easilyBoy
LovernacusLove has found himBoy
LoverniiOne who is loved and respecredBoy
LoverunA feeling of love and adorationBoy
LoveshA modern Indian name referring to Love; Lovable PersonBoy
LovettA person who has the qualities of a young wolfBoy
LoveyanshPart of Lady and Man; LoveBoy
LoviceA person in loveUnisex
LovikaLove at First SightBoy
LovinoA man who is loved by manyBoy
LovisA famous warriorBoy
LovishFamous Battle; A modern Indian name referring to Love; Lovable PersonBoy
LovpreetA person who has a loving personalityBoy
LovpremA person with infatuating personalityBoy
LovreShort form of Lovrenco. It means from Laurentum.Boy
LovrencSlovene form of Laurentius, meaning from Laurentum.Boy
LovrencoCroatian form of Lawrence, meaning from Laurentum.Boy
LovroShort form of Lovrenc.Boy
LovyamSun; Bright, Brilliant, Splendid and Glorious like SunBoy

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