130 Baby Boy Names That Start With Lu

Lu'ayBrave, strong and courageous manBoy
LuaiA strong and steady personBoy
LuayA couragrous and strong personBoy
LubaibGenuine, pure manBoy
LubaidAn old name from ArabiaBoy
LubanziWide and deep or broadBoy
LubaydAn old Arabian nameBoy
LubaynaA companion of MuhammadBoy
LubdhakaHunter; Covetous or Greedy man; Star SiriusBoy
LubinA heart of the seaBoy
LubomirLover of the peaceBoy
LubosLove's peaceBoy
LuboslawHe who loved the gloryBoy
LucFrom Lucania, a region in South ItalyBoy
LucaPlace name, a region in southern ItalyBoy
LucanOne who comes from the city of Luca in ToscanyBoy
LucasOne who gives lightBoy
LuccaHe who illimnatesBoy
LuceLight giverBoy
LuceroOne whose light illuminates people. Also means Horse BlazeBoy
LuchoWarrior of great fameBoy
LucianLuminous lightBoy
LuciannLatin word for lightBoy
LucianoVariation of name Lucian, meaning light, enlightenedBoy
Lucianusbeaming lightBoy
Lucienglowing, the one that gives lightBoy
LuciferLatin name for morning star, the one who brings lightBoy
LucijanOne who is born into light.Boy
Lucilailluminated. LightBoy
Luciliusdiminutive form of Lucius, illuminatonBoy
LucioThe one that brings lightBoy
Luciouslight, shining brightBoy
LuciuA form of Lucius, meaning illumination or light.Boy
Luciushe who is luminousBoy
LuckyThe one who has or brings luckBoy
LucretiusThe one who is wealthyBoy
LucusFrom Latin word lux meaning lightBoy
LuddeHe who is famous in warBoy
LudecaA considerate and moderate individualBoy
LudisFame or war.Boy
Ludlowpeople from lowland, roaring hillBoy
LudloweFrom the Prince's hill, Mountain of the KingBoy
LudoDerived from Latin name Louis, meaning lightBoy
LudolfThe one who has great love for wolvesBoy
LudovicFamous warriorBoy
LudovicoAn illustrious fighterBoy
LuduvicoVariation of Ludwig, mighty warriorBoy
LudvigA respected warriorBoy
LudvigsFame or war.Boy
LudvikNordic variation of the name Ludvig meaning mighty famous warriorBoy

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