128 Baby Boy Names That Start With Lu

LusilaChief; Leader; Ruler; Head PersonBoy
LutA person who keeps things hiddenBoy
LutaNative American - Red; A derivative of the name Lootah; It also has a meaning as BeautifulBoy
LuteroA solrier, warrior in the armyBoy
LutfAn enjoyement or BountyBoy
LutfallahKindenss of AllahBoy
LutfiA person of kind natureBoy
LutfulbaariThe creator is kindBoy
LutfullahGod's kindness and gentlenessBoy
LutfurrahmanA sign of God's kindness and mercyBoy
LuthandoAfrican name meaning Love and AdorationUnisex
LutherAn army of peopleBoy
LutherumTo put to slumber, to sleepBoy
LuthriaBearer of Aids; It is also a Surname of Indian Origin used in various culturesBoy
LuttakaBeautiful; Attractive; HandsomeBoy
LutzHe who found fame in the battleBoy
LuuTo come toghether an dcombine forcesBoy
LuuaetAn unsophisticated, tolerant and lonely personBoy
LuuarchLoyal, untiring and humble beingBoy
LuugusA form of Luigas, meaning from LucaniaBoy
LuukFrom Loukas, means a person from LucaniaBoy
LuukasTo be from Lucania, souther ItanlyBoy
LuvThe first twin son bornBoy
LuvedayA day of reconsiliation, making peaceUnisex
LuvyaLovable; Beautiful; Handsome; Attractive; Appealing; PleasingBoy
LuxOne who is full of lightBoy
LuxeA person who shines with a bright lightBoy
LuzHe is the Lord of the lightBoy

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