45 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ly

LyaksandraUkrainian form of Alexander, meaning defender of man.Boy
LyaksandroUkrainian form of Alexandro, meaning defender of man.Boy
LyaleName from french word for islandBoy
LyallA Scottish surname derived from the Old Norse given name Liulfr which means wolfBoy
LyamA determined protectorBoy
LycanA werewolfBoy
LycidasWolf sonBoy
LycurgusWork, deedBoy
LydellA pesron from the open dellBoy
LydianHe who is from Lydia town in Asia MinorBoy
LydonOne from the linden tree hillBoy
LyellA wolf from the islandBoy
LyfingA dear wolfBoy
LyleOne from the islandBoy
LymanBoy from the valleyBoy
LynA lion-like leaderBoy
LynchA seaman, a marinerBoy
LyndOne who lives by the linden treeBoy
LyndeA gentle personUnisex
LyndellA linden tree valleyBoy
LyndenBiblical name, a teil treeUnisex
LyndonA famous bearer, surnameBoy
LyndzeyAnother name for Lincon islandUnisex
LynfordOne from the ford where the linden trees growBoy
LynleeA flax meadowBoy
LynsaiFrom the island of the snakesBoy
LyntonTown near the BrookBoy
LyntonnA flax settlementBoy
LynwoodA beautiful woodBoy
LynxAn anima nameBoy
LyoBrave and strong like a lionBoy
LyolfA gray elderly manBoy
LyonOne who can be compared to a lion, also a city in FranceBoy
LyonelHe is powerful and strong as a lionBoy
LyonellOne who is compared to a lionBoy
LyonisA man who is like a lionBoy
LyronSong of mine, song that brings me joy.Boy
LysanderA man who releases others, a defenderBoy
LysiasA biblical name, means to disolve, to destroyBoy
LystraA destroyer, a disolverBoy
LyttonA settlement in the hillsBoy
LyubomirBulgarian form of Lubomir, meaning loving and world.Boy
LyudmilFavorite of the peopleBoy
LyulfA compound of "wolf" and "flame"Boy
LyulphA flaming wolfBoy

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