2821 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter M

Baby Boy Names Starts With M

In numerology, each letter is linked to a number, which has its particular set of energies, qualities, and attributes. These influence the vibrations of the name, which can further impact the personality traits and even the destiny of the bearer. If you’re picking a baby name starting with M, find out below what it could spell out for your son’s future.

A boy with M in his initial is hard working, courageous, and intelligent. They are those people who bring the change rather than wait for it to happen. And it’s this firm resolve and self-confidence which bring success at their doorstep.

M boys are very intense and emotional. They throw their entire being into the relationship they’re involved in, which makes them reliable marriage partners. Also, the M guys do not believe in manipulating people and take each of them at face value.

On the downside, M people do not like being told what to do and can become aggressive and argumentative if they’re pushed beyond their endurance and patience.

M also happens to be one of the most common letters for baby boy names. Below MomJunction has featured tons of baby boy names with letter M, ranging from traditional Mason, Mark, and Morgan to unheard and unique Maad, Maasilan and Moalim.

MaciejGod's giftBoy
MacintoshA son of the thaneBoy
MackCeltic name, a son ofBoy
MackanThe son ofBoy
MackayA son of fireBoy
MackeeA fair, favored oneBoy
MackenziGaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;Boy
MackenzieA son of the fair manBoy
MackenzyA son of a favored manBoy
MackieSon of Coinneach, name of a Scottish clanBoy
MackinleyIrish - Son of the learned king; Son of the learned ruler; A variant of MackinnleyBoy
MackinneyGod has heard me; Celtic - Son of Cionaodh; Gaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;Boy
MackinnonSon of the fair bornBoy
MacklandSon of the landBoy
MacklenThe son of FlannBoy
MacklinFlann's sonBoy
MacklynThe son of FlannBoy
MackynzieThe son who has a handsome fatherBoy
MaclainThe son of John's servantBoy
MaclaineSon of the lionBoy
MaclarenSon of LarenBoy
MaclayAn amiable and youthful personBoy
MacleanSon of a beautiful manBoy
MacleodSon of an unattractive manBoy
MaclovioGift of GodBoy
MacmillanSon of a bald manBoy
MaconMaker, one who makes thingsBoy
MacoyOne from the linden tree hillBoy
MacraeA gracious sonBoy
MacsenThe greatest oneBoy
MacvdecetiA sensitive, decent and good individualBoy
MacvtreniOne who has a modern attitude and is tolerantBoy
MacwanA Scottish Surname which is found mainly in Scottish and Northern IrelandBoy
MadaFurthest Point; Illusion; Intoxicator; Strong; Powerful; Hindu Mythological demon created by Sage ChyavanaBoy
MadalitsoA blessed personUnisex
MadanAn Indian name for Cupid, God of LoveBoy
Madan gopalAn name for Lord KrishnaBoy
MadanagopalaA handsome cow-herdBoy
MadanapalA Love GodBoy
MadanapalaOne who is the King of loveBoy
MadanbirA person who is both brave and lovableBoy
MadangopalOne of many names of Lord Shri Krishna signifying him as lover(Intoxicator) of allBoy
MadaniA person acting in a civilised mannerBoy
MadanjeetVictory on Cupid; One who has conquered and won loveBoy
MadanjitVictory on Cupid; One who has conquered and won loveBoy
MadankirpalA male name of Sikh originBoy
MadanmohanAttractive and Lovable; Pleasing; Appealing; Good LookingBoy
MadanpalA name for Cupid who is the God of LoveBoy
MadanrajAttractive and Lovable; Pleasing; Appealing; Good LookingBoy
MadarAn obrbit, cycleBoy

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