107 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mal

MalMessenger of God; Chief; One of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
Mal-ChinPersists to endBoy
MalachAngel or Messenger of God; Chief; One of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
MalachaiA personal messengerBoy
MalachiMy messenger of God, a personal angelBoy
MalachyMy own AngelBoy
MaladharOne who wears a garland; Wearing GarlandBoy
MalaiarasanA Boy like a honeyBoy
MalaikannanA peaceful personBoy
MalaimaganOne who is like a flower blossomBoy
MalaisamiA name of God MuruganBoy
MalaiswamyA name of the Lord ShanmukhaBoy
MalajitVictorious; Successful; Triumphant; One who winsBoy
MalakaiHebrew name for a messangerBoy
MalakhiAngel or Messenger of God; Chief; One of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
MalakiA messanger of GodBoy
MalanA little warriorBoy
MalangMystic, saint, someone who is extremely passionate about somethingBoy
MalankKing; Ruler; Emperor; Leader; ChiefBoy
MalaquiasHe who is my messangerBoy
MalarFlower; Blossoms; Blooms;Boy
MalaravanGentle like flower; Beautiful like a flower;Boy
MalarvendanA gentle personBoy
MalarvendhanA considerate oneBoy
MalateeshLover of Malati Flower; A variant spelling is MalatishBoy
MalavThe Earth; Happy; One of the Ragas; Ansh of Goddess LakshmiBoy
MalavaA keeper of horsesBoy
MalayA Mountain; It has a Sanskrit meaning as Fragrance; A Mountain of Sandalwood's Tree Located Near MysoreBoy
MalayamarutA breeze that come from the mountainsBoy
MalcantA mature, admirable and nice personBoy
MalchomA servant or devotee of Saint ColumbiaBoy
MalcolmA devotee of St, ColombaBoy
MalcomA disciple of Saint ColumbaBoy
MaldredOne who is miscounseledBoy
MaleceFrom The Woods; A variant of name Melissa which means BeeBoy
MaledBlonde; A SurnameBoy
MaleekArabic name meaning sovereignBoy
MalekA king, he who ownsBoy
MaleraĸThe one you follow, friendBoy
MaleshLord of Mountains; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
MalfredGermanic - Safe haven; Refuge; Malfrid is a variant of MalfredBoy
MalgrimOne with individuality and independenceBoy
MalharGiver of Rain; One of the Ragas; A Raga Used in Indian Music; A variant form is MalharaBoy
MalharaA Raga used in Indian musicBoy
MalhariName of Lord ShivaBoy
MalickA variant of name Malik; God; The King; Above all earthy rulersBoy
MalihBoy who is radiant and handsomeBoy
MalihehA beautiful, handsome manBoy
MalikHe who is kingBoy
MalikeI will be establishedBoy

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