363 Baby Boy Names That Start With Man

ManA male human beingBoy
Man-ShikDeeply rooted into something.Boy
Man-YoungTen thousand years of prosperity.Boy
ManaOne who is full of spiritUnisex
ManaakiTo cherish, conserve and sustainBoy
ManaalAttainment; Achievement; A variant spelling is Manal; Success; TriumphBoy
ManaarGuiding Light; Bright Light; Radiance; LuminanceBoy
ManachahA man who is desirable and wantedBoy
ManadAnother name for Lord VinshuBoy
ManajitOne who controls the mindUnisex
ManajithA person who has conquered the mindBoy
ManakOne who has a good, pure soulBoy
ManalanA person who is successfulBoy
ManalpOne who is different than others, an unique personBoy
ManamohanaOne who won over the hearts of manyBoy
MananRepetition; Thinking; Meditate; ConcentrationBoy
ManandharA thoughtful personBoy
ManankA kind, affectionate individualBoy
ManantA person who is a deep thinkerBoy
ManasMind; Wise; Powers; To thinkBoy
ManasapremaA person whose mind is filled with devine loveBoy
ManasarovarA place name of the Lake ManasarovarUnisex
ManasdeepThe light that a person radiatesBoy
ManaserAn Indian male nameBoy
ManasesHebrew - Forgets everything; Cause for forgetfulnessBoy
ManashyuWishing , Desiring; Longing; CarvingBoy
ManasiA person whose mind is soundUnisex
ManasieA person who alwazs listens to the voice of its heartUnisex
ManasijThe Cupid; The God of Love; One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as God of LoveBoy
ManasjeetA victory of the beingBoy
ManaskirA person who is goodBoy
ManaspreetOne who is in love with the humanityBoy
ManaspremOne who has a deep love for humanityBoy
ManasroopA person who is embodiment of the humanityBoy
ManassehCausing to forget somethingBoy
ManassenTo cause forgetfulnessBoy
ManassesHebrew - To Forget; Forgets Everything; Cause for forgetfulness; A variant of ManasesBoy
ManasvinOne who is full of knowledge,clever and inteligentBoy
ManaswaA person who represents tha MankindBoy
ManaswantA famous and well-known personBoy
ManasyuA person who wishes and desiresBoy
ManatOne who believes in fateUnisex
ManathoshA person who is in high spirits and happyBoy
ManavA person of male genderBoy
ManavaOne precious as a goldBoy
ManavazaganA male name of Tamil originBoy
ManavdeepThe lamp of the mindUnisex
ManavendraLord of the People; God of the men; King Among MenBoy
ManavinderA youthful personBoy
ManavjeetThe victory of the humanityBoy
ManavjotA bright light of the human raceBoy
ManavmeetA person who is a friend of humanityBoy
ManavothamHuman Being; Paramathma; The God; Mandahas Gentle SmileBoy
ManavottamHe who is the GodBoy
ManavpreetOne who has love for humanityBoy
ManawydWelsh word for shoe marker's awlBoy
ManbirHe who has a brave heartBoy
ManbodhHindi Boy nameBoy
MancelHe who is from the ManseBoy
ManchandaIndian surnameBoy
ManchaporaA king among menBoy
ManchetHe who remembers GodBoy
ManchuChinesee - PureBoy
MancioA soothsayer or one who foretells the future.Boy
MancusoSicilian name for someone who is left-handedBoy
MandaarA Flower; Blossom; BloomsBoy
MandaaraA celestial treeBoy
MandahasOne with a gentle smileBoy
MandalIndian surnameBoy
MandanA beloved oneBoy
MandapalA sage plantBoy
MandarName of Lord GaneshBoy
MandavaA likable, easy going and suitable beingBoy
MandavanthA respectable man, gentlemanBoy
MandavyaName of a sageBoy
MandayamA expressive, likable and everloving personBoy
ManddhanRespectable; Gentleman; Honorable;Boy
MandeepaLight of mindBoy
MandekPolish name for worriorBoy
MandelSemitic - Wisdom; Knowledge; A variant of name MendelBoy
MandelaAfrican name describing spectaclesBoy
MandellSemitic - Wisdom; Knowledge; A variant of name MendelBoy
ManderEnglish Gypsy - From Me; A nickname of beggarBoy
MandevGod of mindBoy
MandhataAn Ancient King; He who protects the Jiva; Respected; Honoured; Name of a Brahmarishi; An epithet of ShivaBoy
MandhatriPrince; Respected; Honoured; Heir to throne; Offspring from Royal or Respected familyBoy
MandhirA templeBoy
MandinOne who is delightedBoy
MandirTemple; God's ShrineBoy
MandithOne who is decoratedBoy
MandlaAfrican name for strenghtBoy
MandyamA friendly, poised and loving individualBoy
ManeA clan name from Maharashtra meaning great, respected, honorableBoy
ManeaserBritish Boy nameBoy
ManeelHeartwarming oneBoy
ManeendraJewel of Lord Indra; Lord of Mind; Lord of Gems; Diamond; King of MindBoy
ManeeshLord of the Mind; One who has controlled and mastered his mind;Boy
ManeetOne who wins heartsBoy
ManekType of Special Pearl Diamond ( Nang ); Name of great Hindu King; Precious StoneBoy
ManelinThe prince of princesBoy

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