227 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mar

MarOne who is a LordBoy
MaraBitter; Variant of Maria; DestroyerBoy
MaraalArmenian - DeerBoy
MaraamAspiration; Wish; DesireBoy
MaraatibA man of excelence and nobilityBoy
MaraimalaiA male name of Hindi originBoy
MaraimaniA Hindu Boy nameBoy
MaramOne who aspiresBoy
MarantA warlike personBoy
MarappanA Hindi Boy nameBoy
MaraqabA person of high rank, a praiseworthy personBoy
MaratA desired manBoy
MaratibA person of excellence and dignityBoy
MaravanA person who is brave and fearlessBoy
MarboarAn English male nameBoy
MarboartA name given to Boys in EnglandBoy
MarcA war-like personBoy
Marc-antoineA gleaming and war-like manBoy
MarcaeusA man who is like the hammerBoy
MarcarioBless, blessed by GodBoy
MarcasHe who is like the God MarsBoy
MarceA war-like, gleaming personBoy
MarceauLatin - Dedicated to Mars; Hammer; Little Warrior; A variant of MarcelBoy
MarcelA person who is strong as a hammerBoy
MarceliWho is like the God MarsBoy
MarcelinoA Boy warriorBoy
MarcellA person whose strenght is compared to the hammerBoy
MarcellinMarcellin is a form of Marc and means from Marcus or refers to the Roman god of war.Boy
MarcellinoMaori is the Maori of Mark and means from Marcus.Boy
MarcelloA warrior who is of young ageBoy
MarcellusA youthful warriorBoy
MarceloOne who has the strenght of the hammerBoy
MarcenaA martial, hostile personBoy
MarchA name of the third month in the year, named after the God MarsUnisex
MarchelA woman who has the strenght of the hammerBoy
MarchelloHe is like a warriorBoy
MarchlandFrom the March; Land in or along border regions : borderlandBoy
MarchmanFrom the March; Land in or along border regions : borderlandBoy
MarcialOne who is dedicated to MarsBoy
MarcianoItalian name meaning hammerBoy
MarcinA servant of Mars, God of warBoy
MarcioHe who is of MarsBoy
MarcoHe who is at warBoy
MarcosThe Roman fertility god Mars for whom March was named.Boy
MarcuA form of Marcus, meaning God of war.Boy
MarcusA shining hammerBoy
MardavSoftness; Simple; DelicateBoy
MardelA boundary hillBoy
MardenFrom the Valley with the Pool; An English Surname from locationBoy
MardonFrom the Valley with the Pool; An English Surname from locationBoy

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