69 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mas

MasThe lucky oneBoy
Mas'udA happy, successful manBoy
MasaJapanese name meaning true sandBoy
MasabName of a friend of Prophet Muhammad.Boy
MasabihA lampBoy
MasadaA foundationBoy
MasakazuFirst son of MasaBoy
MasaoA saintBoy
MasarratWord for happiness and delightBoy
MasaruJapanese word for victoryBoy
MasatoJapanese name for justiceBoy
MaseehuzzamanMessiah of the ageBoy
MaselA clergymanBoy
MasenAn occupational name, stone workerBoy
Mash'alA torchBoy
MashaalRadiating light - lamp, lantern, torchUnisex
MashakaOne who brings troubleUnisex
MashalA thing that radiates lightUnisex
MasheerA person who is a good advisorBoy
MashhoodA person who has witnessed something, who was presentBoy
MashhurA person that is well-know and famousBoy
MashkoorA person that is worthy of praiseBoy
MashkurA person whose acts have gained his gratefulness of peopleBoy
MashooqA sweetheart that is deeply loved and belovedBoy
MashuqA beloved sweetheartBoy
MasidOne who wishes to know thingsBoy
MasihPersian name for Christ. A Person that is blessedBoy
MasilamaniA name of the Lord HAnumanBoy
MasiliAn ocupational name, one who is a stoneworkerBoy
MasirA man who is going after his ultimate goalBoy
MasisA place name from the city Masis in ArmeniaBoy
MaskeenA humble and modest individualBoy
MaslenLittle twinBoy
MasloriusA Celtic name given to BoysBoy
MaslynA petitte, little twinBoy
MasmudA place name, Berber tribal confederacy of MaroccoBoy
MasonA person who works as a stoneworkerBoy
MasoodOne who is lucky and fortunate in lifeBoy
MasoomAn innocent, enerring and dependable individualBoy
MasoudA happy and opportune presonBoy
MasraniA common male name in IndiaBoy
MasroorA oleased and happy oneBoy
MasruqA male name with Indian and Hindu originBoy
MasrurOne who is pleased and happy in lifeBoy
MassaA Burden; Prophecy; An Italian habitational Place nameBoy
MassenCornish form of Maximus, meaning greatest.Boy
MasseyA variant of Massa; A Burden; Prophecy; A French habitational Place nameBoy
MassiA man who is opportune and fortunateBoy
MassieA surname derived from teh clan name Matheson in ScottishUnisex
MassimianuMassimianu is derived from the name Maximian and means greatest.Boy

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