36 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mau

MauArabic name meaning catUnisex
MaudadAn arabic Boy nameBoy
MaudoodA friendl personBoy
MaududOne who is an attached friendBoy
MauduitA modern, unsophisticated beingBoy
MauerOccupational name for a wall builderBoy
MauganA well born boyBoy
MaugerA spearBoy
MauiHawaiian - God of FireBoy
MaukthikeshwarName of God; Diety of Eashwar in a Temple at Srirangapatnam on the banks of river CaveriBoy
MauktikOne who is as handsome as a pearlBoy
MaulaArabic name for a master or a lordBoy
MaulaaOne who is the masterBoy
MaulanaHe who is our masterBoy
MauleshName of Lord ShivaBoy
MaulikPrecious; Valuable; Priceless; One which is incomparable and matchlessBoy
MaulinduOne of many names of Lord Shiva signifying his form with the moon on his headBoy
MaumettuA variant of Muhammad, meaning praised or to praise.Boy
MaumoonAn arabic Boy nameBoy
MaunA silente one, silenceBoy
MaunangA shy personBoy
MaunfeldEnglish - Hilly Pasture; From the Field by the Small River; A derivative of the English name MansfieldBoy
MauricaA dark-skinned oneBoy
MauriceFrench name describing something darkBoy
MauricioA dark skinned manBoy
MaurilioThe dark oneBoy
MaurinOne who has dark hairBoy
MauritiusLatin - Swarthy; Dark Skinned; Moor; A variant of name MauriceBoy
Mauritzhe who is MoorishBoy
MaurizioHe who has dark skinBoy
MauroA moorBoy
MaurusLatin name describing a dark skinned manBoy
MauryA dark skinned personBoy
MauryenThe dark skinned EmporerBoy
MausoofA person who is endowed with qualitiesBoy

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