36 Baby Boy Names That Start With May

MayakarthikeyanA precious BoyBoy
MayanPure One; Innocent; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
MayandiThe name of the Supreme, caring and loving GodBoy
MayankMoon; Beautiful, Calm and Serene MoonBoy
MayankaA Boy who looks like the MoonBoy
MayappanA true and honest oneBoy
MayasuraThe ancien great king of Asura race in Hindu MythologyUnisex
MayavanAnother name of Lord KrishnaBoy
MayeerGermanic - Farmer; Over seer; Bringer of Light; A variant of MayerBoy
MayerGermanic - Farmer; Over seer; Great; Steward; A variant of MagnusBoy
MayhewA Boy who was the Gif of GodBoy
MayilanOne of many names of God Murugan signifying his animal peacock; Similar to MayurBoy
MayilappanA name for the God MuruganBoy
MayilsamiGod Murugan's other nameBoy
MayknMale name of English and Germanic originBoy
MaylinA beautiful waterfallUnisex
MaymunA thriving, prosperous personUnisex
MaymuunOne who is blessed, thriving, prosperous.Boy
MaynardOne who is powerful and strongBoy
MayneGermanic - Hard Strength; Powerful; A variant of the name MaynardBoy
MaynhardGermanic - Hard Strength; Powerful; A variant of the name MaynardBoy
MaynkaIndian name for the moonBoy
MayoEnglish name meaning fieldBoy
MayonThe Black God; A person of Black Complexion;Boy
MayoorPeacock; Beautiful and Colourful like Peacock which is very appealingBoy
MayorGermanic - Farmer; Over seer; Bringer of Light; A variant of MayerBoy
MayowaOne who brings joy to the family.Boy
MaysA nature loving personUnisex
MaysenA french occupational name, stone workerBoy
MaysonOccupational name, stoneworkerBoy
MaysoonA noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar; To walk with a proudBoy
MayukOne who is full of brilliance and splendorBoy
MayukhSun; God of Light and Truth; Bright, Radiant and Glorious Light of the SunBoy
MayurA peacockBoy
MayuranName of Lord MuruganBoy
MayushA lovable and energetic individualBoy

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