45 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mel

MelOne who is fearless and daring, always having brashness and self confidence.Unisex
MelainaDusky and dim, can not be seen, dark and shadowyBoy
MelanionBlackl ColorBoy
MelbinA chief of a clan or a leaderBoy
MelbornOne who belongs to the stream millBoy
MelbourneThe river of the Mincer or crusher.Boy
MelburnFrom the surge of the pounder or Dicer.Boy
MelburneWho hails from the stream of millBoy
MelbyrneA Stream from the millBoy
MelchiaGod is my only king, God is my kingBoy
MelchiorThe ruler of the city, the sovereign of the kingdom.Boy
MelchisedecMy king is the God of JusticeBoy
MelchorThe monarch of the nation, the one who has higher authorities all over the land.Boy
MeldenEnglish - Hill with a cross; Meldon is a derivative of MeldenBoy
MeldonA factory on a tall mountain, bearable person in high risky times.Boy
MeldrickCommencing from the influential crusherBoy
MeldrikSturdy and durable grinding factoryBoy
MeldrykThe person who is coming from the powerful mincing shop in the cityBoy
MeleHawaiian - One who is happy; MerryBoy
MeleaThe one who has unpleasant or nasty taste in his lifeUnisex
MeledisantA saint who serves Jesus, a servant SaintBoy
MelehanA friendly, sensitive and confident beingBoy
MeletiosOne who is of Melitos; a desirable individualBoy
MelhimOne who is demanding, motivated and active individualBoy
MelianceA diplomatic and refined individualBoy
MeliodasThe father of the Tristan (The nephew of the king of Cornwall who fell in love with his Uncle's wife)Boy
MelkerThe Male sovereign, ruler of a kingdom.Boy
MelkyHis empire, his monarch, his guidance counselor.Boy
MellalA confident and a master of good personalityBoy
MellanA minor, lovely one, tiny pleasurable one.Boy
MellistAn affectionate and easily compatible humanBoy
MelliyalOne who has huge sense of responsibilityBoy
MellynThe minimal wonderful one, tiny pleasing one.Boy
MelodeanOne who produce great melodiesBoy
MelokuhleStand for what is right, One who represents good thingsUnisex
MelorThe member of the communist party or a socialist who advocate communism.Boy
MeltonCity in the mid of villages, urban in the central of parishes.Boy
MelvilleClearance on unfruitful land, Defrayal on barren land.Boy
MelvinThe noble Lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature.Boy
MelvonThe person who provides cooperation or assistance to Michael, associate of Michael.Boy
MelvynThe person who excercises control over workers.Boy
MelwinOld English - Sword Friend; Polished Chief; Protector; A variant of MelvinBoy
MelwynSturdy associate, solid comrade, stout work-mate.Boy
MelwynnOld English - Sword Friend; Polished Chief; Protector; A variant of MelvinBoy

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