25 Baby Boy Names That Start With Men

MenA name given to the father of lightBoy
MenachemThe person who reduces the intensity and calms pacifies. Consoler.Boy
MenahemOne who consoles or provide comfort, name given to a child born after the death of older sibling.Boy
MenardGermanic - Hardy Strength; Firm; Powerful strength; A variation of MaynardBoy
MenasheHebrew - Reason to forget; Cause for forgetfulnessBoy
MenawaThe bold combatant, valiant fighter, noble wrestler.Boy
MenciusEldest son, power, literally means Master MengBoy
MendelIntelligence, sense, perception, consoler, reliver.Boy
MendeleyComforter, full of comfort.Boy
MendhaA person marked by the excercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters.Boy
MendianOne who is settled near the hill, enclosure near the hills.Unisex
MendyThe psychological result of perception and learning and reassoning.Boy
MeneferEgyptian - Of the beautiful city; Established and beautifulBoy
MenelaosWithstanding the people .Boy
MenelausPeople who withstand; A variant of the name MenelaosBoy
MenguyA powerful houndBoy
MenhalomA man who is smart and intelligentBoy
MennatullaA wish from the Almighty AllahBoy
MensaThird one in the family, third conceived baby Boy.Boy
MensonseaThe person who always use his,her left hand for all activities.Unisex
MentaThe defender of the mint plant, this plant is always under his protection.Boy
MentariThe Sun, who gives powerful light to whole world.Unisex
MentorThe person who is having wisdom and by that he gives advice about problems.Boy
MenziesFrom a feudal Lord who was Lord to his own tenants on land held from a superior LordBoy

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