79 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mer

MerA large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphereBoy
MerabGeorgian form of Mehrab, meaning waterBoy
MerajA ladder to heaven, or a rise in the statusBoy
MeraldDerived from Emerald, a precious green colored gemstoneBoy
MeramanThe sea, anything apparently limitless in quantitiy or volumeBoy
MerariA Biblical name, meaning bitter or to provoke.Boy
MeraugisA spontaneous and happy go lucky personBoy
MercerThe business person engaged in retail trade. Dealer.Boy
MerchbiuA reserved and secretive individualBoy
MerchelmA King with an analytical mindBoy
MerchfywA creative and imaginative beingsBoy
MerchguinusA reliable, communicative and adventerous beingBoy
MerchiaOne who serves others and is responsibleBoy
MerchiaunA creative and inspirational personBoy
MerchionOne who has sensitive yet practical nature; a KingBoy
MerchitirA person who is great and has a soulful beingBoy
MerchuinoAn emotional, deep and expressive personBoy
MerchuiuOne who has the power to speak out heart; cool temperedBoy
MerchwynA dynamic, steady and restless soulBoy
MercierMerchandise, a merchant, a trader who deals in textileBoy
MercuryThe person who is in social exchange, specially of opinions and attitudes.Boy
MercutioThe person whois engaged in trade business.Boy
MerdasanAn influential person who is filled with funBoy
MereMaori version of Mary. It means bitter.Boy
MeredithThe one who protects the Ocean.Boy
MerefinWho belongs from the Mervin, or the sea fortressBoy
MerehwitAn Anglo-Saxon bishop of WellsBoy
MerestunEnglish - From the town near the lake; A variation of the name MerestonBoy
MeretheDanish form of Margaret that means pearls or the cluster of blossomsBoy
MerewalaAn expressive and fun loving personBoy
MerewaldHappy monarch or joyful leader.Boy
MerewodeEnglish - From the forest with the lake; A variant of MerewoodBoy
MerewoodEnglish - From the forest with the lake; A derivative is MerewodeBoy
MerezbanOne who is sociable and charming individualBoy
MergetAn energy driven person; sensitive beingBoy
MeriadocSea lordBoy
MeriadokHead of the sea, one who is joyful and happyBoy
MerickA dark skinned person, a swarthy, a moorBoy
MeridianEnglish - Imaginary circle around the EarthBoy
MeridithThe caretaker of the deep ocean.Boy
MerikA person who has a dark skin toneBoy
MerildA king or a ruler of war and battleBoy
MerisThe person of the ocean.Unisex
MeritThe quality that renders something desirable.Unisex
MerittOld English - Boundary Gate; Little Famous One; A variant of the name MerrittBoy
MerlanThe fortress which is on the mountain of the ocean.Boy
MerlenCeltic - Sea Hill Fort; Small Falcon; A variation of the name MerlinBoy
MerlinnCeltic - Sea Hill Fort; Small Falcon; A variation of the name MerlinBoy
MerlowFrom the mountain via the river.Boy
MerlynnCeltic - Sea Hill Fort; Small Falcon; A variation of the name MerlinBoy
MeroviusA vigilant, metriculous and religious personBoy
MerowaldA king of rivers and forests, King of HerefordBoy
MerrelThe glittering ocean.Boy
MerrellCeltic - Sea Bright; Famous; A variant spelling of the name MerrillBoy
MerrettOld English - Boundary Gate; Little Famous One; A variant of the name MerrittBoy
MerricLatin - Swarthy, Dark Skinned, Moor; A form of MerrickBoy
MerrickThe state or quality of being widely honored.Boy
MerridanAn equal distant from the extremes.Unisex
MerrilThe magnificient marine.Unisex
MerrileesA merry meadow or wood, a shelter of happinessUnisex
MerrillThe twinkling ocean.Unisex
MerrionThe person is from Merion, Wales.Boy
MerritThe one who is possessing good qualities in high degree.Boy
MerrittBorderline of the enterance.Boy
MerryweatherHappy weather; A nickname or surname for someone who is cheery; variant spelling of MerriweatherBoy
MerscFrom the MarshBoy
MertMert comes from the Persian word mard and means manly or man.Boy
MerthyrA martyr, one who sacrifices his,her lifeUnisex
MertonA city by the stream.Boy
MeruStanding high above others.Boy
MervA vast peer of the realm.Boy
MervanThe person who is very closer to the OceanBoy
MerveThe hill near Mekkah.Boy
MervinThe person who is much fond of the sea.Boy
MervynThe oceanic mountain.Boy
MerwinThe one who likes the water of the sea.Boy
MerwynLover of the Sea; Famous Friend; A form of MerlinBoy
MeryasekCornish form of Meriadoc. It means sea lord.Boy
MeryleOld French - Black Bird; Combination of Mary and Louise; a variant of the name MerleBoy

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