337 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mi

MikheilGeorgian form of Michael It means who is like God?Boy
MikhileshAn Indian name that refers to Lord Shiva.Boy
MikholDerivative of Mikel that means someone like God's messenger.Boy
MikiA Japanese name that means a tree.Boy
MikinA strong person in Hindi. Someone with incredible strength.Boy
MikkWho is Godlike? Estonian form of MichaelBoy
MikkaelIcelandic version of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
MikkelA spell variant of Mikel that means the archangel of GodBoy
MikkliWho is like God? Estonian form of MichaelBoy
Mikkothe gift from the Almighty.Boy
MiklavžSlovene form of Nicholas, meaning 'victory of the people'.Boy
MiklosHungarian form of the Greek name Nicholas that means victory of the people.Boy
MikoA present from the Almighty.Boy
MikolaThe victory or a win of the people.Boy
MikolajThe victory of the mankind.Boy
MikolásA form of Mikula, meaning victory of the people.Boy
MiksaA form of Maximillian, meaning greatest.Boy
MikulComrade; Friend; Companion; PalBoy
MikulaVictory of the people.Boy
MikulásVictory of the peopleBoy
MilaanA Hindi word that name "to meet" or "to join"Boy
MiladIn Persian it means the "Gift of the Sun". In Arabic it refers to the birth or birth date.Boy
MilamFrom the house situated near millUnisex
MilanIn Hindi it means the unison. In Slavic it means Gracious, kind personBoy
MilandA person sweet as a Honey, or like honeybeeBoy
MilanduAn answer to the prayersUnisex
MilapThe union or get together of two personBoy
MilbournMill Stream; Border; From the Mill Stream; A variant form of MelbourneBoy
MilbourneMill Stream; Border; From the Mill Stream; A variant form of MelbourneBoy
MilbureghA small fort or fortressUnisex
MilburnThe stream off the millUnisex
MilburyA person belongs to the land of millsUnisex
MilbyrneThe stream of water from the mill landUnisex
MileA proud soldierBoy
MilekThe archangels of the AlmightyUnisex
MilenSlavic - Gracious; Favor; Grace; Fame; Glory; A variant of MilanBoy
MilenkoDear, one who is cherished by allBoy
MilesOne who is proud of being a soldierBoy
MilesantA proud soldier, boastfulBoy
MilesantaA proud warrior, who takes pride in warBoy
MilfordA current or a stream by the millBoy
MilgenOne who looks out for opportunitiesBoy
MiliasA Hard working personBoy
MililaniA gentle touch from the heavenUnisex
MilindBee; Honey Bee; A varaint of Milinda; One of many names of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
MilindaA bee, honeybee, name of a kingBoy
MilinticaHe is waving or fireBoy
MilitComradeship; A short form of MilitaryBoy
MilivojGracious soldierBoy
MiljaTrying to excel or become equalUnisex

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