31 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mir

MirAn aristocrat, a commander, a princeBoy
MiraajA route to the sky, an elevated route to the heavenBoy
MiracleAn act to amaze or help others, especially by the GodUnisex
MirajThe ascent, the inclined path to the GodBoy
MirajkarA person belongs to the city of MirajUnisex
MirajulA patient person, one who belongs to the path of heavenBoy
MiranA Ruler or a leaderBoy
MirasHeritage, inheritanceBoy
MirashA desert, or a deserted land or placeBoy
MiratA mirror, where one can see oneselfBoy
MirataAn object that reflects the image: a mirrorBoy
MirceaA peace loving person, who brings peaceBoy
MirchePeace, worldBoy
MircoPeace, one with a peaceful disposition.Boy
MirdulA tender or a soft person, a delicate personBoy
MirekA peaceful nature, ambassador of peaceBoy
MirembePeace or a peaceful nature. The peaceful worldUnisex
MiriodereI now have a nameUnisex
MirjaA highly ranked noblemanBoy
MirjahaanThe King or the ruler of the worldBoy
MirkoA peaceful person, one who is very calmBoy
MiroThe one who loves peace, spread peaceBoy
MironA holy place of the JewsBoy
MiroslavThe one who is glorified through the peaceBoy
MiroslavaThe person whose glory spread because of his peaceful natureBoy
MiroslawaA calm person, a glorified peaceful personBoy
MirrenA person with patience, a calm personBoy
MirsabThe dear King or the respected rulerBoy
MirwaisA King like leader, also referred to Grand-fatherBoy
MirzaA nobleman with the high rank, a respected personBoy

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