361 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mo

MoA dark skinned person, a saviour or defenderBoy
Mo'tasimAn ancient Aryan (Early Iranians) festival to welcome Autumn season. "Mehr' is the kindness, and also represents love, knowledge and friendship.Boy
MoalimA Kind-hearted, merciful, gentle person. One who is benign.Boy
MoazzamThe most beautiful Aroma that is full of wonders.Boy
MoazzemA girl likely the sun or as gracious as the sun.Boy
MobeenA beautiful or a pretty lady. One who is calm, pleasing or attractive to the eyes.Boy
MobolajiA boy who is born of wealth.Boy
MoccaA refined, deep and creative beingBoy
MoctezumaMehry derives from the word "Mehr" that means "The Sun". It also means someone who is kind and lovable.Boy
ModaLimited; Relative or KinsmanBoy
ModadeolaA man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence.Boy
ModakPleasing; A name of a food favorite to the Hindu God GaneshaBoy
ModalEnjoyment; Fun; Pleasure;Boy
ModanThe God of love and infatuationBoy
ModanathaHindu Lord of Love and affectionBoy
ModraedBrave; Hard Strength; Latin - Painful; A Variant of MordredBoy
ModredBrave Counselor; Hard Strength; Latin - Painful; A Variant of MordredBoy
ModrisA variant of the name "Megan" that means "The Mighty" or "The Great".Boy
ModthrythIt is a short form of "Maria" or "Mary" formed in German language. A Virgin damsel.Boy
ModupeoreThank you God for this gift.Unisex
ModurodoluwaI waited on the Lord.Boy
ModurolorilerioluwaOne who stands on the promise of God.Boy
MoeenThe very tiny growth of the Plum trees, the tastiest fruit ever in the world.Boy
MoesheEgyptian - Born of; Child; Drawn Out Of The Water; A variant of MosesBoy
MoezPhysically and mentally strong person, mightiest among the whole peopleBoy
MofetoluwaA man who graciously accepts God's will.Boy
MofihinfoluwaTo God be the glory.Boy
MofolorunsoOne who is placed in God's care.Boy
MoggaMeinwen means being of dedicate, fairer complexion in the physical appearanceBoy
MohLove; Attraction; Liking; Wishing; Craving; WantingBoy
MohaGiving radiant light to every one, the one who is being bright and shining to othersBoy
MohabaliGiving shining and powerful light, like the brightest Sun in the spaceBoy
MohaiemenThe follower of Mohammad, the choicest oneBoy
MohajitOne who can win hearts with his Attraction; Appealing; Lovable; Likeable; Pleasing; Charming; DesirableBoy
MohakAttractive; Appealing; Lovable; Likeable; Pleasing; Charming; DesirableBoy
MohakaThe truth speaking person, always stand for the truth and never let it downBoy
MohalAttractive; Appealing; Lovable; Likeable; Pleasing; Charming; DesirableBoy
MohamadA special loved one, always loving and adorable to othersBoy
MohamedReliable, always worthy of trust and belief, worthy of high responsibilityBoy
MohamedhasThe servant of MohammadBoy
MohametThe one who is chosen uponBoy
MohamidThe chosen one, who is the great choiceBoy
MohammadThe most important and precious part of human body, which give light to our path; eyesBoy
Mohammad HosseinMohammad means praiseworthy, Hossein means handsome or beautifulBoy
Mohammad RezaMohammad means praiseworthy, Reza means satisfaction or contentmentBoy
Mohammad TahaPraiseworthyBoy
MohammadiThe Red Cow, which is praised to be as Holy Cow for sacrificeUnisex
MohammadrezaExcellent in drawing, highest quality of Art talented personBoy
MohammdOne who is chosen by the AlmightyBoy

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