72 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mor

MorpheusThe shapes seen in the dreams. God of dreams in Greek mythologyBoy
MorreyAn un-cultivated landBoy
MorrieLand of un-cultivated soilBoy
MorrisA dusky person, having dark skinBoy
MorriseyA dark colored person from the un-fertile landBoy
MorrisonWho belongs to the un-fertile landBoy
MorrisseyThe land not having the fertile soilBoy
MorrleyMarsh Clearing; From the Meadow on the Moor; A derivative of name MorleyBoy
MorrowA warrior who fights in the seaBoy
MorseLatin - Swarthy; Dark Skinned; Moor; A variant of name MorrisBoy
MortA variant form of Morton; From the Town Near the Moor; Dead SeaBoy
MorteFrench word for dead.Boy
MortenThe planet Mars, one who is from MarsBoy
MortezaThe one who is chosen among manyBoy
MorticiaThe one who take care of the funeralsBoy
MortimerA still water, motion-less waterUnisex
MortonOne who is settled by the moorUnisex
MortyA variant form of Morton; From the Town Near the Moor; Dead SeaBoy
MoruarchAn moor land in the form of archBoy
MorvanThe name is a combination of elements mor "sea" or mawr "great" and uuan "assaultBoy
MorvenGaelic - Child of the Sea; Mariner; Big Peak; Big Gap; Great; Fair SkinnedBoy
MoryMory is derived from the French word for mulberry tree.Boy

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