34 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mou

MouafakThe one who is useful or that match the requirementBoy
MouawiyahA Young Fox. The Caliphs of IslamBoy
MoubarakThe greetings or the way to congratulate othersBoy
MoudeOne who battle bravelyBoy
MoufidSome one who is usefulBoy
MouhamadouThe most praised oneBoy
MouhamedThe one who is praised the mostBoy
MouhamoinOne who is in love with nature and surroundingsBoy
MouhanedThe sword or something used to cutBoy
MouhitA charmer, one who is charmingBoy
MouhyeddinOne who revives the religion. The title of a Islam Sufi Saint Abdul Qadir jilaniBoy
MouidThe servant of the AlmightyBoy
MoukibThe last of the Prophets of IslamBoy
MoulaliOne who is creative and has a certain mindsetBoy
MoulikValuable; Precious; Priceless;Boy
MouminOne who is on belief or right faithBoy
MounasamiA person who remains silentBoy
MouneshThe silent god, an avatar of Lord ShivaBoy
MouniOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
MounibA person who turns to Allah and repents the sinBoy
MounifTo honour, to hold in high-esteemBoy
MounilA bird, someone who can flyBoy
MounirA bright shining personBoy
MounishThe lord of minds, the conqueror of mindsBoy
MouradA wish or a desire from the AlmightyBoy
MouribOne who is fluent and eloquent.Boy
MouricA tanned person, dark complexionBoy
MouryaThe king, the ruler, one who is greatBoy
MousaOne who is derived from the waterBoy
MousheA form of Moses, meaning to draw out water.Boy
Moustafathe chosen oneBoy
MoutasemOne who seeks help from the AlmightyBoy
MoutasimOne who seeks refuge from the AlmightyBoy
MouzaOne who is derived out of water or saved from the waterBoy

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