54 Baby Boy Names That Start With Mu

MubarizA Lebanese term for soldier or police.Boy
MubashirThe bringer of good news.Boy
MudaA young boy.Boy
MudassirClothed, or enveloped in garments.Boy
MuhallilOne who pronounces the Testimony of Faith.Boy
MuhammedPraised, Praiseworthy, CommendableBoy
MuharemSacred, forbidden, holyBoy
MuhazzimA person who defeats others.Boy
MuhibOne who is noble and lovableBoy
MuhtadiOne who is rightly guidedBoy
MukamiA person who milks cows.Boy
MukeshA name of Lord Shiva. It means cupidBoy
MukhtarThe chosen one.Boy
MukiOne who shinesBoy
MukundA name of Lord Vishnu. It means freedom giver.Boy
MulazimTenacious, persistingBoy
MunachimsoOne who always agrees with God.Boy
MundzukJewel, beadBoy
MuneerSplendid, shiningBoy
MunindraThe best among the saints.Boy
MunirsuartaName of the king of the Araziasai.Boy
MunisuvratMunisuvrat is the name of 20thJain Tirthankara.Boy
MunjalKing of GujaratBoy
MunnyA smart man.Boy
MuradDesired purpose, intentionBoy
MuralidharA name of Lord Krishna. It means the one who bears the fluteBoy
MuralidharanThe bearer of the flute.Boy
MuratWish come trueBoy
MurisHe who leaves inheritanceBoy
MursalinMessengers, or message-bearersBoy
MurtadiOne who is satisfied, contentBoy
MurtazGeorgian form of Murtada, meaning chosenBoy
MusaSaved from the waterBoy
MusaaziA man who likes joking with others.Boy
MusawwirDesigner, creator of forms.Boy
MushinA variant of Mohsin, meaning one who confers favors.Boy
MuskaPossessor or one who runs about.Boy
MustafaMustafa is the epithet of Prophet Muhammad. It means the chosen one.Boy
MustaphaThe chosen oneBoy
MutasimAdhering to God.Boy
MuunokhoiA vicious dog.Boy
MuwaffaqOne who is successful.Boy
MuwakkilOne who can be trustedBoy
MuzaffarVictorious or triumphant in a deed or endeavorBoy
MuzakirOne who reminds people of Allah.Boy

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