1967 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter N

Baby Boy Names Starts With N

The symbolism of the first letter of a name has always been significant. Its importance can be traced back to the time when letters had values like numbers. It was a form of numerology, officially known as Gematria. So if you want to construe the meaning behind the letter N, you’ve landed at the right place.

The letter N represents fun, freedom, and imagination. Guys with this initial are daring, active, unpredictable, unconventional, and attracted by indulgences. These freedom loving people hate following the crowd or any accepted modes of life. They want to be free enough to express themselves in their own creative ways and are always in need for change and activity in their lives.

The energy of five, the number it’s linked with, encourages N people to be pragmatic, opportunistic, and even persuasive. These intelligent and investigative individuals are natural researchers and can easily find out the truth.

While N people are extremely communicative and intuitive, they can be predisposed to jealousy and envy. This can be reversed if you foster a sense of gratitude in your child right from the very beginning.

If you’re on the hunt for unique baby boy names beginning with N, then your search ends here. MomJunction's list has some great names with N such as Nathaniel, Noah, Nick, and Nayab to make your quest easier.

NacioInternal lightBoy
NackiVery well known and esteemed.Boy
NacomaHaving the character that attract love or affection.Boy
NadaanActually humble, meek.Boy
NadalOverall circumstances or condition in life.Boy
NadamuniA hermit sound or musicBoy
NadapratithishtaThe person who admiring and escalating towards music.Boy
NadavThe person who is not petty in character and mind.Boy
NadeemThe traveller who accompanies you.Boy
NadeeshNatural stream of water.Boy
NaderA dearest person, One who is most lovedBoy
NadevShowing a tender and plentiful.Boy
NadhamuniThe name of Naradha Maharishi.Boy
NadheerThe one who gives warning to others.Boy
Nadheerawho warn others of the dangerBoy
NadhifVery well known and acceptable one.Boy
NadhifaPopular to others, widely acceptableBoy
NadhirThe one who gives cautions to others.Boy
NadhiraThe one who is treasurable and valuable.Boy
NadidahGiving equal respect to all.Boy
NadihaThe one who is celebrated and esteemed.Boy
NadimThe person who provides cooperation or assistance.Boy
NadinathaThe Lord of the streams or rivers.Boy
NadipatiThe Master of the rivers.Boy
NadirThe one who commits to tell the truth.Boy
NadishFrom the large deep ocean.Boy
NadishaThe Master of the lakes.Boy
NadqidThe person who acts on behalf of his superior.Boy
NadrDecorating, displaying or curling.Boy
NaeemThe person who is cheerfulness and well being.Boy
NaeemullahMercy of Allah, heaven of Allah.Boy
NaefAdditional, spare, left over.Boy
NaemA joyous person, always happyBoy
NafasatThe one who is always improving something or someone.Boy
NafeesDistinguished, unpolluted; optimal, wonderfulBoy
NafiWho is profitable to othersBoy
NafisThe one who is treasurable and valuable.Unisex
NafizFrom the marks of the God.Boy
NafizurA valuable person, who is treasurableBoy
NaftaliThe one who is struggling, stressed, anxious.Boy
NagaThe person who is clever and boundless.Boy
NagabhooshanThe one who is wearing snakes as ornaments around his body.Boy
NagabhooshanamWho wears ornamental snakeBoy
NagabhushanThe Lord Shiva who is wearing cobra around his neck as a necklace.Boy
NagadeepThe brightness from Nagseshu.Boy
NagadharWho keeps snake as petsBoy
NagadhipaThe Master above all the hills.Boy
NagadhirajaThe supreme ruler of the mountains.Boy
NagaiahThe God Cobra, the king of the snakes.Boy
NagaiyanThe King of all the snakesBoy

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