47 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nab

NabHead minister of an monastery.Boy
NabaThe new or the fresh oneBoy
NabadipA new lightBoy
NabahaCelebrity, dignity, intellect, glow, genius.Boy
NabajitA new winner or a new winBoy
NabakumarNewly delivered baby Boy.Boy
NabanilA new, clear blue skyBoy
NabarunPerson who born under the shining sun.Boy
NabdeepThe person who resembles as fresh spotlight.Boy
NabeehThe person mentally quick and resourceful.Boy
NabeelThe person who is having the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character.Boy
NabehThe person who is honourable and extraordinary.Boy
NabenduThe one who was born under the first moon.Boy
NabhBlue space of sky.Boy
NabhanThe person who is attentive, sleepless and mindful.Boy
NabhanyuContinuing forever or indefinitely.Boy
NabhasThe person who resembles the blue sky.Boy
NabhasaThe person who is relating to the sky.Boy
NabhayanThe person who is closer to the sky.Boy
NabhenduThe beautiful and pretty moon in the blue sky.Boy
NabhiThe supreme effort that one can make.Boy
NabhijLord Brahma, the creator of the world.Boy
NabhikThe leader of the accurate path way.Boy
NabhikumarNabhikumar is derived from the name Nabhiraj and means father of Lord Rishabhdev.Boy
NabhinandanA name of Lord RishabhdevBoy
NabhirajThe Lord Brahma the initiator of the universe.Boy
NabhirayA variation of the name Nabhiraj. It means father of Lord Rishabhdev.Boy
NabhithThe person who is oblivious of dangers.Boy
NabhkantiThe person who resembles the biggest star in the space, Sun.Boy
NabhojThe person who came to this world from the Sky.Boy
NabhomandalThe person who resembles the blue sky.Boy
NabhomaniThe rays of the sun.Boy
NabiAn additional name of Prophet Mohammed according to Islam.Boy
NabibakhshSomething given by the ProphetBoy
NabibukhshA portion of the ProphecyBoy
NabibuxProvided by the Prophet of AlmightyBoy
NabielThe person who is belonging to the honour and titles.Boy
NabighahThe person who is having the capacity for thought and reason above par.Unisex
NabihThe person who is concentrating, alert and watchful.Boy
NabilThe person who is entitled to honour and respect.Boy
NabinThe person who is fresh or original.Boy
NabinaThe person who is new and fresh.Boy
NabinchandraThe fresh moon, or a crescent moonBoy
NabiullahThe Holy Prophet of the Almighty. The nickname of the Prophet Nuh.Boy
NabiulmalhamshThe person who is foretelling the battle time.Boy
NabonThe person who is from the north side overhang.Boy
NaborThe shining nimble of the prophet.Boy

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