71 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nag

NagaThe person who is clever and boundless.Boy
NagabhooshanThe one who is wearing snakes as ornaments around his body.Boy
NagabhooshanamWho wears ornamental snakeBoy
NagabhushanThe Lord Shiva who is wearing cobra around his neck as a necklace.Boy
NagadeepThe brightness from Nagseshu.Boy
NagadharWho keeps snake as petsBoy
NagadhipaThe Master above all the hills.Boy
NagadhirajaThe supreme ruler of the mountains.Boy
NagaiahThe God Cobra, the king of the snakes.Boy
NagaiyanThe King of all the snakesBoy
NagajaDaughter of the high hills.Boy
NagalingeshThe God Shiva, Another name for Lord Shiva.Boy
NagananThe snake's child, or born of snakeBoy
NaganandThe son or the born of Naga.Boy
NaganathThe biggest cobra, the ruler of the serpents.Boy
NaganderThe big sun in the world.Boy
NagandraThe ruler of the black cobra.Boy
NagannanThe master of the snakes, the charmerBoy
NagapatiThe master of the entire hills.Boy
NagappaFather of the serpents, forefather of the cobra.Boy
NagappanThe ancestors of the snakeBoy
NagarThe person who develops the community.Boy
NagarajOne who possess snakesBoy
NagarajaThe monarch of the serpents.Boy
NagarajanThe Lord of all snakes.Boy
NagarajuThe master king of all kind of serpents.Boy
NagarathnThe one who has the precious diamond with him.Boy
NagarathnaThe precious diamond of the serpents.Boy
NagariThe antagonist of the snakes.Boy
NagarinThe master of the city or town.Boy
NagarjunThe greatest and finest among the serpents.Boy
NagarjunaThe champion among the snakes.Boy
NagasAdditional name for the snake or cobra.Boy
NagasamiMaster of the serpentsBoy
NagasenanThe army of serpentsBoy
NagaswamyThe royal emperor of the snakes.Boy
NagatHighpoint or exceptional or exquisite.Boy
NagavanshiOne who is from the species of serpentsBoy
NagavenkatasaiThe powerful and supernatural creator of the World.Boy
NagdharThe one who beautifies the hills.Boy
NagendraThe principal of the snakes or the master of the mountains.Boy
NagendranInteresting or colorful or multi colors.Boy
NageshThe ruler of all kind of serpents.Boy
NageshaThe emperor of the snakes.Boy
NageshanThe main God Shiva who is wearing the cobra around his neck.Boy
NageshvarThe Lord of the serpentsBoy
NageshwarThe monarch of the cobras.Boy
NageshwaraThe monarch of the snakesBoy
NageshwaranLord of the snakesBoy
NageswarThe controller of the serpentsBoy
NageswaraOne who has control over serpentsBoy
NagevenA smart and handsome BoyBoy
NaggarName of the Lord KrishnaBoy
NagibThe decent personBoy
NaginderThe Kings of all the serpentsBoy
NaginderbirThe bravest king of the serpentsBoy
NaginderjeetThe victory of the king of snakesBoy
NagkumarThe son of serpents.Boy
NagnathThe Lord or the deity of snakesBoy
NagodeallahI thank God.Unisex
NagpaThe saviour of the snakesBoy
NagpalThe person who is the protector of the serpents.Boy
NagpatiThe companion of the serpentsBoy
NagrajThe possessor of the snakesBoy
NagsenThe superior of the serpentsBoy
Nagsrithe dead of the snakesBoy
NaguA gentle person, a simple oneBoy
NaguibAn innocent personBoy
NagulanA wise or a clever personBoy
NaguleshThe Lords of the mongooseBoy
NagurA state, a regionBoy

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