35 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nai

NaifHaving a great statureBoy
Naif nailAn acquirer or an earnerBoy
NaikThe head or the leaderBoy
NailOne who accomplish or attainsBoy
NaimA calm or tranquil personBoy
NaimallahA tranquillity from the AlmightyBoy
NaimanzuunnadintsetsegEight hundred precious flowersUnisex
NaimathBounties, a reward from the AlmightyBoy
NaimeshA saint who can see what inside the othersBoy
NaimishOne who can read others mindBoy
NaimullahA comfort from the AlmightyBoy
NaineshThe third eye of Lord ShivaBoy
NaininderGod can been seen in the eyes of this person.Boy
NainishThe God with the beautiful eyesBoy
NainoaThe one who guards the kids or small children.Boy
NaintaarThe one who is possessing intelligent and clear eyes.Boy
NaipaulOne who protects the eyesBoy
NairThe leader or the soldierBoy
NairabA saint person, one who is saintBoy
NairiFrom Armenia, the land of canyons and riversBoy
NairitThe direction of south-westBoy
NaisbitThe nose-bend of the riverUnisex
NaisbittThe nose-bend of a piece of groundUnisex
NaiserOne who is a founder of beliefUnisex
NaishadhA heroic king from MahabharataBoy
NaishadhaKing Nala, King of NishadhaBoy
NaishalThe mountain, as strong as mountainBoy
NaitarpalOne who do care for the eyesBoy
NaiteA small gift from GodBoy
NaitikA moral person, ethicalBoy
NaivadyaThe holy curd or sugarBoy
NaivaidyaThe Holy food or prasadBoy
NaivedhyaPrasad of Goddess DurgaBoy
NaiymFree from all the worriesBoy

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