22 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nak

NakadhipaThe King of the ParadiseBoy
NakanathaThe master or the ruler of the paradise.Boy
NakapatiThe aristocrat of ecstasy.Boy
NakarasanA practical individual; materiaisticBoy
NakeshThe characteristic parts of a human face.Boy
NakeshaThe monarch or ruler of blue havens.Unisex
NakhrajResembling the moon that is shining in the dark sky.Boy
NakiaUnpolluted or truthful or wholesome or realistic.Unisex
NakinThe one who abides in paradise.Boy
NakirThe angel of JusticeBoy
NakkanMelody or poetess or exciting or matriarch.Boy
NakkeeranThe name of one of the greatest poets.Boy
NakkinaA unique, tidy and cool individualBoy
NaksatrarajaThe ruler or monarch of the star planet.Boy
NakshA drawing or a sketchBoy
NakshathranThe sovereign or royal of the star planet.Boy
NakshatraThe deity form or figure of the stars.Boy
NakshithSomething drawn or sketchedBoy
NakshvardhanThe king of the starsBoy
NakulA mongoose, A sharp-mindedBoy
NakulaThe sharp animal, mongooseBoy
NakuleshThe monarch or mongooseBoy

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