59 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nam

NamPossessing good qualities befitting a man.Boy
NamaThe name of a tree which produces tea leaves.Boy
Namacharyaanother name for Haaridas Thakur.Boy
NamadevOne of the ancient sacred people.Boy
NamadevaThe Lord of the name, a sacred personBoy
NamagiriOne who posses a name, a famous personBoy
NamahThe action of bow down or curtsy.Boy
NamahaPleading or praying to God in a acceptable way.Boy
NamanBow down before the creator or salaam or greeting.Unisex
NamasOne who is like a little sturgeon birdBoy
NamasthetuDefeater or overcomer of all demon or evil powers and authorities.Boy
NamasyaThe person who deserves the worthy of honour and praise.Unisex
NamasyuBending down or the event of bowing down to worship.Boy
NamazziOne who pray 5 times a day according to IslamBoy
NambanA humble Indian greeting by bowing down in respectBoy
NamberumanA colored person, referred to Lord ShivaBoy
NambiSelf-confident person, also a curative herbBoy
NambiyandanA well known or renowned personBoy
NambuThe God, the creator of mankindBoy
NambudiriOne who has completed all the VedasBoy
NamdarA famous person, known to allBoy
NamdevA poet or a saint, also Lord VishnuBoy
NamdevaThe lord of VedasBoy
NamdhariAn Indian religious group; KhalsasBoy
NamgeetA song of names of his lifeBoy
NamiA popular personBoy
NamidA bright dancer, who dance wellUnisex
NamikA writher or an authorBoy
NamikoA child of the waves or a surfing childBoy
NamikumarNamikumar is a variation of Naminath. It's the name of the 21st Tirthankara.Boy
NaminathNaminath is the name of the 21st Tirthankara.Boy
NamirA leopard or a pantherBoy
NamirthanA wealth of popularity, Lord ShivaBoy
NamishThe lord of names, Lord VishnuBoy
NamishaThe Lord of all, Lord VishnuBoy
NamitA person who is very humbleBoy
NamithSo humble that he bestow in front of othersBoy
NamitpalOne ho protects his humblenessBoy
NamjasWho praises the name through singingUnisex
NamjeetWho wins over his nameUnisex
NamjeevThe creature of his nameBoy
NammurthiThe respected person by his nameBoy
NamniyaA respectable person, full of respectBoy
NamoThe Hindu greeting when the meetBoy
NamonThe pleasantness of a personBoy
NamoodA clever person, a tricky natureBoy
NampalThe defender of the nameBoy
NampremThe love of the nameBoy
NamrangThe color of the titleBoy

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