56 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nas

NasahA counsellor, who counsels othersBoy
NasamadA dependable, beautiful and smart individualBoy
NasappaA reserved, strong and creative beingBoy
NasarOne who support or help othersBoy
NasawiA free detailed, friendly and ultimate personBoy
NascienWho is bound to an oathBoy
NaseebLuck, the share of luckBoy
NaseebaThe destiny or the fateBoy
NaseefaSpeech that is spoken in secret.Boy
NaseemThe cool breeze of a pleasant weatherBoy
NaseerOne who grants a victoryBoy
NaseeruddinThe supporter of the religionBoy
NaserA helper or a supporterBoy
NaserianThe lucky one. A fateful personUnisex
NashBelongs to the ash treeBoy
NashaIn Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means JudgeUnisex
NashadAn unhappy person, who is not happyUnisex
NashahA judge, a fair or just personUnisex
Nashalbravery or courageBoy
NasheanThe one who is responsible of the postBoy
NasheedThe chants in a rhythm with beatsBoy
NasheetA dynamic or a lively personBoy
NashierOne who announce, an announcerBoy
NashirA helper or an assisterBoy
NashiraThe exposer or the announcerBoy
NashitA lively or energetic personBoy
NasiA prince or a presidentBoy
NasibThe person who is engaged in trade business.Boy
NasifMuch valued as a jewel, fair and most valuable personBoy
NasihAn advisor, who gives good adviseBoy
NasihuddinThe right advisor of the faithBoy
NasikPerishable, pious person. Name of a holy Indian cityBoy
NasimThe breeze, a gentle breezeBoy
NasimuddinThe breeze of a faith or beliefBoy
NasimulhaqInspiring pleasure.Boy
NasinThe marine, deep ocean.Boy
NasirOne who gives victoryBoy
Nasir al dinThe utmost beautiful.Boy
NasiraldinBe fabulous or tremendous.Boy
NasiruddinThe person who is having emotional admiration.Boy
NasonThe quality that renders something desirable.Boy
NasoohBeing worthy or deserving.Boy
NasrA dark birdie, a black colored birdBoy
NasraOne who have a helping hand, an assisterBoy
Nasrallahthe victory of AllahBoy
NasruddinThe supporter of faith or beliefBoy
NasrullahThe one who supports the name of AllahBoy
NassabInspired or given to othersBoy
NassarWho grants a victory or winBoy
NasserThe one who reached the great place of decency.Boy
Nasser udeenThe victorious person of faithBoy
NasserudeenThe winner of religionBoy
NassiruddeenWinner among the faithBoy
NassiruddinThe protector of religionBoy
NassorA victor, a winnerBoy
NasuhA faithful or sincere personBoy

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