87 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nav

NavadeepThe new or fresh lampUnisex
NavadhThe ninth element or countBoy
NavadvipThe new lamp or nine lampsUnisex
NavagopalThe new or baby cow-herdBoy
NavajThe newly born babyBoy
NavakanthThe newly wed groomBoy
NavakishorThe freshly born KidBoy
NavalA new modern personBoy
NavalanA skilled public speakerBoy
NavaljyotThe fresh or new lightUnisex
NavamThe ninth person or the ninth elementBoy
NavamaniThe fresh or new pearlBoy
NavaneedhamThe one who will be fresh foreverBoy
NavaneetWho will remain freshBoy
NavaneethThe eternally newBoy
NavaragThe fresh melody or tuneBoy
NavarajThe fresh or new empireBoy
NavarangA color Who will new everBoy
NavarasanThe freshly extracted juiceBoy
NavarathnaThe new or freshest GemBoy
NavaratnaThe new gemstone, that will remain freshBoy
NavaroneAn island of Greece that was a army baseBoy
NavarreThe land of plains, a plain-landBoy
NavarroSomeone belongs to the land of plainsBoy
NavarsuA person who likes to travel and experienceBoy
NavarunThe new Lord of SunBoy
NavashenOne who brings hope to humanityBoy
NavayThe fresh an d precious oneBoy
NavayuganThe new era or newest timeBoy
NavbirAn eternal brave personBoy
NavdeepThe lamp who will be fresh foreverUnisex
NavdeepaA fresh lamp, new foreverUnisex
NavdevThe eternally fresh LordBoy
NavdipThe never ending freshness of a lampUnisex
NavdivThe pristine islandBoy
NavedOne who brings good newsBoy
NaveedThe messenger of good newsBoy
NaveenA pleasant or beautiful personBoy
NaveenjeetThe beautiful win or victoryBoy
NaveenjotThe pleasant light of a lampUnisex
NavendanA new or young personBoy
NavendhanThe new or fresh wealthBoy
NavendhuThe crescent moonBoy
NavenduThe new moon after amavasyaBoy
NavidOne who gives the good newsBoy
NavijeetThe new invincible winnerBoy
NavilThe beautiful peacockBoy
NavinA new person who is eternal freshBoy
NavinchandraThe fresh moon, first moon of lunar monthBoy
NavindThe new king of mankindBoy

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