67 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nee

NeedhamThe person in need of a place to stay.Boy
NeedhimaniThe one who is truthful and trust worthy.Boy
NeeharCovering with morning dew drops.Boy
NeelSky blue color, bluish image.Boy
NeelabhElements in the sky, cloud, moon or star.Boy
NeeladreeThe top of the mountain reflects blue color.Unisex
NeeladriIts a mountain range particularly blue colored appearanceBoy
NeelajSapphire lotus color.Boy
NeelakanthaLord Shiva, who has blue color throat.Boy
NeelakshiThe person has bluish eyes.Boy
NeelamaniThe jewel or ornament or accessory which reflects blue color.Boy
NeelambarResembles blue in color.Boy
NeelambaranReflects bright greenish color.Boy
NeelamberThe God of blue heavens.Boy
NeelambirThe person who fights for blue color.Boy
NeelambujHoly blue color lotus flower.Boy
NeelameganAnother name of Lord Krishna.Boy
NeelamjeetThe one who protects Sapphire.Boy
NeelamjotThe brightness of blue color.Boy
NeelampaulThe person who guards blue color.Boy
NeelampreetThe person who admires blue color a lot.Boy
NeelanLord Krishna, who is in blue color image.Boy
NeelanchalResembles as blue color peak.Boy
NeelanjanShining in blue color.Boy
NeelavanA collection of lot of colors.Boy
NeelavannanOne of the names of Lord KrishnaBoy
NeelayaThe Blue colored Land or land of Blue skyBoy
NeeleshAnother name for Lord KrishnaBoy
NeeleshbabuOne of Lord Shiva's names.Boy
NeelgreevResembles Lord Shiva.Boy
NeeliThe one who is winning the competition.Unisex
NeelinderThe king of blue or the blue kingBoy
NeelkamalOne of the rainbow colors, blue.Boy
NeelkantThe multicolor bird peacock, which is the most beautiful among the birds.Boy
NeelkantaThe great God Shiva.Boy
NeelkanthThe Lord Shiva of the world.Boy
NeelmadhavResembles Lord JegannathBoy
NeelmaniPeaceful color of blue.Boy
NeelmegamThe colored skin of Lord KrishnaBoy
NeelotpalBeautiful blue lotus floret.Boy
NeelyThe great champion of the nation.Unisex
NeemitThe one who is truthful always.Boy
NeerabCalm, a man of calm demeanorBoy
NeeradThe collection of water droplets.Boy
NeeradaThe group of dew drops.Boy
NeeradhResembles cloudy sky.Boy
NeerafWater, which is necessary for human being to live in this world.Boy
NeerajLotus which is blooming in the water.Boy
Neeraj nayanThe one who is having eyes like lotus.Boy
NeerajaThe one who was born in the water shore.Boy

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