533 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ni

NialThe person who is fluent in speaking.Boy
NiallVictor, overcomer, defeater, titleholder.Boy
NiamSweetened, satisfied, sugary, comfortable.Boy
NiazTalents or skills or gifts from God.Boy
NibaalThe mark to indicate the direction.Unisex
NibawThe one stands above all in height.Boy
NibhishAnother name of Lord Ganesh.Boy
NibhivName of Lord GaneshaBoy
NibirOne who is fearlessBoy
NibodhAwareness, understanding, intelligence, acquaintance.Boy
NibrasThe nimble and bright which comes from the Lamp.Boy
NicThe master of all.Boy
NicabarGiveaway, bargain, take, steal, good deal.Boy
NicanorThe triumph of the multitude.Boy
NiccoThe triumphant which belongs to the nation.Boy
NiccoloThe multitude of winning.Boy
NichasinA quick, versatile and funloving personBoy
NichayThe one who keeps the promises.Boy
NichitA victorious personBoy
NichlasThe person who always holds the winning title.Boy
NicholThe one who holds the winner title on behalf of his people.Boy
NicholaiThe great champion of the nation.Boy
NicholasThe conqueror of the nation.Boy
NicholausThe captor of the multitude.Boy
NicholsRepresents as people's defeater.Boy
NicholsonSon of Nicholas, a winnerBoy
NickWho defeat othersBoy
NickanThe winner of a warBoy
NickeyThe victor of the people.Boy
NickieThe victory of the people.Boy
NicklasThe winning person of the people.Boy
NicklausThe overcoming man of the nation.Boy
NickoGod of SuccessBoy
NickolaThe superman of the people.Boy
NickolasThe protagonist of the nation.Boy
NickolausThe warrior fights on behalf of the people.Boy
NickoleThe fighter who is fighting on behalf of people.Boy
NicksonThe overcomer fights for the people.Boy
NickyThe victory of mankindBoy
NiclasThe soldier of the people.Boy
NiclausThe winner, triumphantBoy
NicoDeity of success or triumph.Boy
NicodemoDivinity of feat or achievementBoy
NicodemusThe achievement of the multitude.Boy
NicolaasThe person who won the title on behalf of the people.Boy
NicolaeThe person who always care for his own people.Unisex
NicolaiThe man who is the overcomer for people.Boy
NicolajA winner for the humanityBoy
NicolasThe victor of the multitude.Boy
NicolauBrazilian variant of Nicholas, meaning victory of people.Boy
NicoliThe conquest of the nation.Boy
NicomachusThe God of Victory of championsBoy
NicsonThe born son of the victorious people.Boy
NicuPet form of the name Nicolae, meaning victor of the people.Boy
NicusorPet form of the name Nicolæ, meaning victor of the people.Boy
NidaanWell-mannered and lenient, Gracious and easy , Gracious and forgiving.Boy
NidalSkirmish, Competition, protection, Free-for-all, Match, shieldBoy
NidarrA fearless or one without fearBoy
NidarshanA representative form or pattern.Boy
NidatThe name of the God.Boy
NideeshPresenter of fortune materialsBoy
NideeshwaramAnnouncer of fortune thingsBoy
NideshAnother name of Lord Kuber.Boy
NidhaanMoney, paragon, money, ideal.Boy
NidhanA collection of precious things.Boy
NidheeshSupporter of capital and assets.Boy
NidhiThe possession that is highly valued.Boy
NidhinObviously contrived to charm.Boy
NidhishThe master of precious things.Boy
NidhishaThe excellent knowledge and skills.Boy
NidhraThe one who resembles the Moon.Boy
NidhruvThe one who is truthful and honest.Boy
NidhruviThe one who is truthful eternally.Boy
NidhulanThe clean and spotless pearl.Boy
NidishLord Ganesha, the one who provides treasures.Boy
NidvithA unique person, one of its kindBoy
NieemNot petty in character and kind.Boy
NieholasA champion among allBoy
NielThe good news from God.Unisex
NielsThe triumph of the nation.Boy
NienThe period of time that it takes for a planet to make a complete revolution around the sun.Boy
NierajLarge pink or white lotus floras.Boy
NiewheallNewly constructed hall, fresh place.Boy
NigamThe numerous collection of precious properties.Boy
NigarviThe person who is meek and gentle.Boy
NigelVictor, winner, dark, gloomy, dusk.Boy
NigellusWinning person, overcomer, conqueror.Boy
NignaThe master of all wealth.Boy
NiguelOvercomer, victor, great warrior, hero.Boy
NigulEstonian form of Nicholas. It means victory of the people.Boy
NigunAnother name for God Eshwar.Boy
NihaalSatisfied, comfortable, cheerfulBoy
NihaanNot accessible to view.Boy
NihaarDroplets of water suspended in the air.Boy
Nihadmassive, tough, preeminent, authoritative.Boy
NihalExuberant, prosperous, jubilant, positive.Boy
NihanConcealed, secreted, undisclosed.Boy
NihantEternal, everlasting, endless.Boy
NihanthCeaseless, unending, interminable.Boy
NiharFog, haze, vapour, spray, smog.Boy

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