39 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nil

NilA born champion and one from the cloudBoy
NilabhWho is like unto the most high God.Boy
NiladevanWho can be same to God.Boy
NiladriWho will be in God's imageBoy
NilagaganWho can reach God's placeBoy
NilagalaOne of the four archangels of the GodBoy
NilagrivaThe one who is nearer to God.Boy
NilagrivahA humble person, down to earthBoy
NilakanthaThe one who's throat appears as blue color.Boy
NilambajThe Blue Lotus flowerBoy
NilambarThe blue heaven, Name of Lord ShivaBoy
NilamberOne who resembles the blue heavenBoy
NilameghThe cloud which resembles as sapphire, blue shaded color.Boy
NilanThe person who is smart and good looking as the moon.Boy
NilangA kind of a fowl, one of the type of birds.Boy
NilanjanThe one who has bluish eyes.Boy
NilaratanThe jewel or diamond or gem stone which resembles blue color.Boy
NilavAn attractive personBoy
NilavanAttractive and good looking as the glittering moon.Boy
NilaxOne of the good names of Lord Shiva.Boy
NilayHousehold or manor or residence or home-grown or grange.Boy
NilayanThe one who has pretty bluish eyes.Boy
NileVictor, winner, defeater, titleholder.Boy
NilesThe one who is very much attractive in talking.Boy
NileshThe Lord of blue or sapphire or Lord Krishna,Boy
NiliThe eternal God of Israel will never lie.Unisex
NilidanA person who has diligent and punctual personalityBoy
NilikeyAn independent, charming natured personBoy
NilloThe crowd of success or triumph.Boy
NilmaniThe precious Gem, Blue SapphireBoy
NiloThe conquest or take over of the people.Boy
NilojanIllumination or lustre or vividnessBoy
NilothpalThe one who is resembling the blue Lotus flowers.Boy
NilotpalLook a lot like blue lotus flowers.Boy
NiloyThe blue colored person, referred to Lord ShivaBoy
NilsAccomplishment or feat of the people.Boy
NilsonThe born son of the winner or conqueror or victor.Boy
NilssonSon of Nell or son of Neil.Boy

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