114 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nir

NirThe favorite son of the planter.Boy
NiraamayWell known gentleman.Boy
NirabadhaMinor and sugary.Boy
NiradThe rainy clouds or bank of clouds.Boy
NiragThe outstanding one, the astonishing one.Boy
NiragaThe one who is free from hunger, thirst or blameless.Boy
NiraghanPerfect, spotless, ideal, flawless.Boy
NirahankaraThe person who does not have the inflated feeling of pride in their superiority.Unisex
NirajThe one who was born in water or lake.Boy
NirajakshaThe one who has the eyes like Lotus.Boy
NirajitBrightened or lightened one.Boy
NirakulThe one who is trouble less and full of happiness always.Boy
NirakulaThe one who is without nervousness, tension and distress.Unisex
NiralaThe one who is highly unusual and single one of its kind.Boy
NiralambaThe one who is self determining and liberated.Boy
NiramayThe one who is faultless, innocent, guiltless and righteous.Boy
NiramitraThe born son of Sahadevan.Boy
NiranThe one who is everlasting and never ending.Boy
NiranatThe one who resembles the white lotus flower in the pond.Boy
NiranjaResembles the collection or set of lotus flowers.Boy
NiranjanThe one who is having no faults and sinless in behaviour.Boy
NiranjanaFull moon night or spiritual Lord Dhurga or one of the river's name.Unisex
NirankarThe one who is without an image or invisible to human eyes.Boy
NirantakAdditional name for Lord Shiva.Boy
NirantaraWithout inside or internal matters.Boy
NirantharThe one who is marked by firm determination or resolution.Boy
NirapayaThe one who is not consumable or unceasing.Boy
NiratDelighted, gratified and the personalities, capability to seeBoy
NiratapThe one who is filled with shades and shadows.Boy
NiravFree of making sound or making little of any kind of noise.Boy
NiravadhiBoundless, unlimited, unrestricted and infinite.Boy
NirbaanThe freedom form life, MokshaBoy
NirbanLiberated or delivered from the worldBoy
NirbhaiA fearless person, have no fear at allBoy
NirbhangThe one who can not be abolished or eliminated.Boy
NirbhaoThe one who is bold, unafraid and courageous.Boy
NirbhavaThe one who has no fright, worry, dread or terror.Boy
NirbhayThe one who is free from scare, trepidation, shock or panic.Boy
NirbhayaThe person without fear, fright, terror or scare.Boy
NirbheekThe one who is free from any kind of fear or scariness.Boy
NirbheetThe person who is delivered from any type of terribleness.Boy
NirbhikThe person who gets rid of awe and dread.Boy
NirdeshRoute or appreciation or suggestion.Boy
NirdharThe one who is carrying the boulder.Boy
NirdoshThe person who is free from fault , mistake, iniquity and wrong.Boy
NirdoshaThe one who is from error, blunder, crime and immoral.Boy
NireekshatThe procedure of doing somethingBoy
NirekWho hails from the northern regionBoy
NirenThe person who comes along from northern part.Boy
NirendraThe one who came from northern cliff.Boy
NirgranthOne who is coming from the northern part of the nation.Boy
NirgunFrom the northern face.Boy
NirgunaComes from the North regionBoy
NiriaThe person of the north.Boy
NirijharThe mankind form the north side.Boy
NirikshRemarkable, widely known, popular.Boy
NirishA warden or custodian.Boy
NirjariniPerson from the north side.Boy
NirjharNorth side human being.Boy
NirjisOne of the main directions , north.Boy
NirjvarComing from north direction.Boy
NirlepResiding at northern part.Boy
NirlepaOne who dwells in the north face.Boy
NirlipthOne who is staying at North part.Boy
NirlobhNative from northern cliff.Boy
NirlobhaLiving in north side.Boy
NirmadaOne person hailing from northern partBoy
NirmailOne who owns a farm in north part.Boy
NirmalThe one who dwells in the north side farm house.Boy
NirmalaThe proprietor of the north farm house..Boy
NirmalanWood from the northern forestsBoy
NirmalbirThe farm house which is situated in the northern part.Boy
NirmalcheetThe one who found good to settle in north part.Boy
NirmalchitA town or village in Northern partBoy
NirmaldeepA village located in northern regionBoy
NirmaldharamThe bright light of somethingBoy
NirmaljasThe light of right guidanceBoy
NirmaljeetThe guiding light troughBoy
NirmaljeevLiving in the town which is situated in the northern part.Boy
NirmaljogStaying in the north face.Boy
NirmaljotTown that is situated in the north range.Boy
NirmalkaramThe one closer to heart from the north side.Boy
NirmalpreetA very close companionBoy
NirmalpremClose buddy from the north face.Boy
NirmalsevProtector who comes from the north cliff.Boy
NirmaltekWater falling in spring season in the north part.Boy
NirmalyaOne of the climate seasons that comes from the north side.Boy
NirmamaTimber or lumber from the north part.Boy
NirmanLoving mate who resides in north part.Boy
NirmantuClose chum who lives in the northern cliff.Boy
NirmanyuThe soldier at the northern entrance.Unisex
NirmayGood companion from the north part.Boy
NirmayiClose mate from north part.Boy
NirmitOne of the great emperors of Iran.Boy
NirmlaHoneyed, sweetened, sugary.Unisex
NirmohOne with no illusionsBoy
NirmohaA person who has no illusionBoy
NirmohiPerson from the northern sectionBoy
NirmolPerson residing in north section.Boy
NirmolakA wolf from the northern areasBoy

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