73 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nis

NisaHarbour or bay that is situated in the woodland.Boy
NisaaOne who has excellent knowledge in all matters.Boy
NisanSign or symbolBoy
NisangDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
NisargHandsome and fine looking person.Boy
NisayLoved from afar.Boy
NischaijeetThe super hero among male sex.Boy
NischalThe Lord of all the mankindBoy
NischalaThe powerful man among other men.Boy
NischayOther name of Lord Vishnu.Boy
NischintThe soul or heart of manBoy
NischintaMonarch or emperor.Boy
NischitRuler of sovereign.Boy
NischithGuardian of the nation.Boy
NischithaHead of nation or royal leader.Boy
NishThe one who leads the country.Boy
NishaBold and strong monarch.Boy
NishaaThe great ruler of the rulersBoy
NishaajThe great ruler who rules the other kings of the nations.Boy
NishaanThe big emperor who commands the other rulers as well.Boy
NishaatThe lord of the rulers.Boy
NishaathThe king of kings and lord of lords.Boy
NishadThe Lion among the malesBoy
NishadhThe lion in form of male appearanceBoy
NishadhaThe feet of a monarch or ruler.Boy
NishakantRuler of the nation.Boy
NishakarOne who lives in NightBoy
NishalNo end or limitlessBoy
NishamFresh or cool air of nightBoy
NishanA sign or a markBoy
NishanathThe lord of nightBoy
NishandeepThe lamp for a signBoy
NishantThe end of night or darkBoy
NishantaThe dawn time, end of nightBoy
NishanthOne who ends the dark nightBoy
NishanthaA variant of Nishant, meaning night's end or dawn.Boy
NisharTo sacrifice in the path of goodBoy
NishargThe nature or presented by GodBoy
NishavOne of the best personBoy
NishchalCalm or without motion, not movingBoy
NishchayThe decision confirmedBoy
NishchitThe destiny or confirmed thingBoy
NisheduA prohibited thingBoy
NisheethThe peaceful time of early morningBoy
Nisheshthe Lord of dark or nightBoy
NishikA garden of LotusBoy
NishikaantThe husband of stronger womanBoy
NishikantLord of NightBoy
NishikantaLord or Night, Lord MoonBoy
NishikarMoon, who came to existence in nightBoy

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