144 Baby Boy Names That Start With No

NoaUndertaking or wave program or indication.Unisex
NoachComfort or relaxingBoy
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
NoakRelief, well being or dwelling peacefullyBoy
NoamLoveliness or satisfaction.Unisex
NobatChance, occasion, opening.Boy
NoboruIncrease or rise or triumphant.Boy
NoburuGetting wider or bigger.Boy
NocturneMusic evoking night.Unisex
NodinThe windy season or blowing.Boy
NoeRelaxation or harmony or concord.Unisex
NoelThe festival season of the year, Christmas.Boy
NoesComfort and relaxationBoy
NofalContribution or payment or gift.Boy
NogA grog or a wooden cupBoy
NohaThoughtful or kind or accepting.Unisex
NohlChristmas eve, celebration of ChristmasBoy
NojusLithuanian form or Noah (comforter)Boy
NokhezNewly born or fresh one or newcomer.Boy
Nolanwell known, celebrity or legendary.Boy
NolandRemarkable, eminent, prominent.Boy
NolenFamous, celebrity, high class.Boy
NollResembles olive tree.Boy
NollieThe one who is closer to Oliver.Boy
NomaanLively blood which is circulating inside of human body.Boy
NomarImaginative and content individualBoy
NomeshThe supernatural being; God.Boy
NomitThe one who guides others to the upright path.Boy
NonnieWho is like the creator of the worldUnisex
NooaThe lady of the sun.Boy
NoodanA romantic and beloved personBoy
NoodananA joyous, restless and demanding personBoy
NoohHaze, miasma, droplets.Boy
NoomyalayThe one destined to be famousBoy
NoorThe greatest star ever in the universe (Sun)Unisex
Noor al dinThe Goddess Surya, Sun.Boy
Noor udeenChild of shielded loveliness.Boy
NoordeepOne of the four most powerful Angels, Michael in EnglishBoy
NoordevThe messenger Angel of the most high and powerful God.Boy
NooreenThe talent from the almighty God.Boy
NooriThe dearest and talented messenger of the GodBoy
NoormuhammadA glorious person. A person with good deeds.Boy
NoorneetAn elderly noble person.Boy
NoorpreetAdoration of the celestial bright light.Boy
NooruddeenThe illumination of the hope or trust.Boy
NoorudeanThe light of the faith or beliefBoy
NoorudeenThe vividness of the faith.Boy
NoorulabsarThe bright of the revelation.Boy
NoorulainConcord of eyes or nimble of eyes.Boy

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